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Posted By: TroyD M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/10/16 04:39 PM

Just got my new M22 Cherry Real Wood in a chestnut stain. Love them.
Now I had the Boston Cherry a week ago but am wondering my sub I wish I could move it about 18" over towards the wall. Puts it about 19" from the side. I did the sub crawl and that marks the spot. However, my M22 is right in the way.
So, I am going to have to live with it or find a way around this.
So am wondering if I can use the Wall mount for this or if that would be putting the speaker too close to the wall. Specially with a rear port.

also, a little scared of the fact it is one screw holding the speaker and don't want to damage the speaker if it becomes too heavy. Wonder if maybe I should build a shelf and put the speaker on this ?
Posted By: TroyD Re: M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/10/16 05:04 PM

Posted By: TroyD Re: M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/10/16 05:05 PM
Posted By: Newf Re: M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/10/16 05:09 PM
This comes down to if you have studs where the speakers are going. If not, shelves won't work either unless they are long enough for them to reach two 2 studs.

I have had a VP 150 mounted since 2005. It's a few pounds more than the m22 but your are real wood. It did fall. It pulled the screw out of the speaker, mount remained on my wall. It tore my projection screen on the way down, a screen that nobody makes anymore. I was not happy. Thick carpet saved the speaker. If you are worried, you can do what I did to fix the vp150 and put a thicker washer and bolt on the inside of the speaker then mount to the fmb but honestly I haven't read too many people having issues like I did, its very rare. I have M3's also mounted. There is a little wedge that comes with the full metal bracket, I believe it goes under the mount against the wall for their taller aka m22 speakers to allow for the extra weight. Make sure to use it.
Posted By: brwsaw Re: M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/10/16 10:42 PM
I'd move the sub.
Posted By: TroyD Re: M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/11/16 03:52 AM
well after hours of work got the M22 mounted on the wall. And sub back in place . Now just have to get the second sub. that'll come in Jan.

Thinking I may order the EP500 also just to do a side by side comparison. See if it is that much difference
Posted By: Nachosgrande Re: M22 Stands or mount on wall - 12/15/16 04:33 PM
Just curious? How much room between port and wall for M22's
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