EP350 vs. EP500

Posted by: TroyD

EP350 vs. EP500 - 12/12/16 09:05 PM

Ok, for those that have had both pros and cons

As you know room size 11.5 x 15 x 8
M22 and VP160

I have two EP350's just really curious about the differences with the EP500. Thinking either getting a third for the rear or maybe upgrade to EP500 or SVS SB2000.

would it be worth the extra $1200

I must add 80% movie viewing
Posted by: craigsub

Re: EP350 vs. EP500 - 12/12/16 10:40 PM

Troy - After putting a single EP-350 V4 and a single EP-800 through the paces in a 25x24x9 foot room, here are my 2 cent's worth:

In your room, a single EP-500 will give you infrasonic shudders unlike anything you have experienced. It won't jump out at you, but rather will make you smile when you feel ripples of bass.

Work Debbie over on trading an EP-350 on a 500 ... and when you can afford it, trade the other in on a second 500.

You will have 15 Hz bass in your room that will never audibly distort.

We also have a Hsu VTF-3 Mark V, a Rythmik 15P, and an SVS PC-2000 here.

The sealed Axiom may not "win" at Data Bass, but for sound quality and slam, it's just fantastic.
Posted by: TroyD

Re: EP350 vs. EP500 - 12/13/16 07:20 AM

Thanks wink