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Posted By: icehawk21 Flat speaker wire - 01/15/17 06:02 PM
Has anyone used the flat speaker wire that Axiom sells? I'm considering running some along a textured ceiling to my ATMOS height speakers (either on-wall M5HP or M3).

How easy is it to install? Can it be easily removed from the ceiling without taking off the textured plaster?

I might look in to running the wire in-ceiling if I can find someone to do it. But I thought I'd run the flat speaker wire first since I think I can handle that myself. I'm not the handiest "carpenter" so I don't think I'd be able to fish speaker wire in my ceiling smile


Posted By: MatManhasgone Re: Flat speaker wire - 01/15/17 07:18 PM
I wonder if it would give more of a two dimensional sound over the standard round cable?
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Flat speaker wire - 01/15/17 11:02 PM
I've use the flat speaker wire before for one of my Qs8s. The wall it is on has no studs but a foam poured foundation so I could not run the wire in the walls for about 5 ft. For some reason I had a little problem with it sticking to the drywall, once I textured over it the weight of it started to fall off the wall. I had to spray a little 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to get it to stay, then once dried painted over it..For years now it has stayed on the wall fine.

I suppose it depends on your textured ceiling and what kind of paint is on it, if it sticks fine.

My problem is that I am switching to Atmos direct speakers which will be mounted lower, so I need to figure out how to splice in some more of the flat tape at a 90deg angle down another 4 ft from where my Qs is mounted.
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