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Posted By: TroyD Question about diffusers - 01/17/17 05:49 PM
Just curious but if you look into the gallery and at Aarons theatre. Nice job Aarons by the way. But the rock columns can these be used and diffusers say in between the side reflection absorbers panels and back wall. Or would it be too hard a reflective surface
Posted By: bridgman Re: Question about diffusers - 01/17/17 06:36 PM
Interesting question. AFAIK round rocks would work better than flat ones, but I don't think the hard surface would be a problem.

IIRC there is a relationship between the depth of the diffuser and the lowest frequency it will work on, so that may end up as the limit on what you can do with a rock wall.
Posted By: TroyD Re: Question about diffusers - 01/18/17 01:44 AM
yeh and there pretty well on the same plain. Not much variance in depth
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