VP180...to invert or not to invert

Posted by: icehawk21

VP180...to invert or not to invert - 01/29/17 12:48 PM

I just purchased the VP180 center channel to be placed below my projector screen (which hasn't yet been installed). I'm planning to install the projector screen with the bottom edge starting at 32" from the floor. This would put the VP180 between 20" (bottom edge) and 30" (top edge) from the floor. I was planning on flipping the VP180 over on to the angled surface so that it was pointing up to the seating position.

I ordered the speaker from the factory outlet and only after it was shipped did I notice that you can customize the speaker to utilize an "inverted" cabinet. So now I'm considering returning the speaker when it arrives and re-ordering the "inverted" cabinet.

What are the actual differences between the "regular" and "inverted" cabinet? I'm assuming the difference is that the "inverted" cabinet flips the back speaker terminal place and puts the drill holes for the feet on the angled surface? Are there any other, more significant differences in the construction of the speaker?

Would the "regular" cabinet work just as well flipped over on the angled surface?


Posted by: nickbuol

Re: VP180...to invert or not to invert - 01/29/17 10:31 PM

When I had my VP150 set up in my previous theater, it was below my screen. There was a noticeable improvement with it being flipped upside-down so that it angled up towards the listening area.

I think that the only thing that makes the VP180 so that it has an "inverted" option is that I believe that it has feet on the "bottom." I honestly don't remember, and it would require me to take down my screen and look behind my false wall to check. Sorry.
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Re: VP180...to invert or not to invert - 02/03/17 05:31 PM

No worries. I would think the only difference would be that the drill holes for the feet are on the angled side and, possibly, the speaker terminal plate is oriented differently. I would think simply flipping the VP180 upside-down would work just as well.

Would you recommend placing it on the rubber feet (even though they aren't pre-drilled) or simply placing the speaker directly on the cabinet? I suppose I could drill some holes for the rubber feet but I don't feel comfortable drilling into a new $1,200 speaker smile

Would it make sense to place it on a sound isolation pad i.e. Auralex mopad? Or simply place them on the rubber feet?


Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: VP180...to invert or not to invert - 02/03/17 06:48 PM

I picked up some small half moon self adhesive neoprene pads at walmart in the craft section. They come on a piece of shiny paper,pick em off and put em on the speaker.
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Re: VP180...to invert or not to invert - 02/03/17 07:59 PM

I have the VP180 and Axiom Stand below my theater screen. On the Axiom stands it places it perfect for optimal sound in the seated or reclined position. The screen was originally mounted so viewing is in the correct bottom 1/3rd when seated.
Posted by: icehawk21

Re: VP180...to invert or not to invert - 02/22/17 06:42 PM

At what height below the screen would you consider using the inverted cabinet to angle it up towards the listening position vs. simply using the regular cabinet and having it point straight out?

My projection screen starts 33" from the floor with a 5" border, so the actual screen starts around 38" from the floor. I purposely left this much room to allow for an equipment rack/cabinet to be placed below the screen with the center speaker (VP180) resting on top of it. The plan was to have the center speaker's top edge align with the bottom of the screen - either at 33" (where the screen starts), or have it encroach into the screen border somewhat.

We will be sitting approximately 14 ft from the screen - approximately 11.5 to 12 ft from the center channel speaker. I'm assuming ear level will be somewhere around 42", plus/minus a few inches, especially if reclined somewhat.

Based on these dimensions, would it make more sense to get the inverted cabinet and have it angled up or stay with the regular cabinet and have it face straight out (or slightly angle it with something under the front feet of the speaker)?

I currently have the regular cabinet sitting in the shipping carton, unboxed, in case I decided to return it for the inverted version.


Posted by: brendo

Re: VP180...to invert or not to invert - 02/22/17 08:07 PM

With the size of the 180 it has an extreme dispersion so you may not have to get inverted. Since you have 30days to decide any how. Easy route of angling the cabinet is with rubber door stops. Test for your self as you may find it could already be sufficient.