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Posted By: iceman3500 EP 600 hookups - 05/11/17 09:31 PM
Just got a refurb EP600. My old sub had one connection end for the receiver and a pigtailed end for the sub. It was a Velodyne. Can I still use this cable and only plug in one end to the sub? I have some high quality component cable left over from a previous set up. Will one of these wires work?
Posted By: iceman3500 Re: EP 600 hookups - 05/11/17 09:58 PM
Sorry, composite.
Posted By: JohnK Re: EP 600 hookups - 05/11/17 11:29 PM
Ice, welcome to Axiom. Any coaxial cable with an RCA plug on each end will work for connecting your fine EP600 to the sub output on your receiver. This would include the audio cables(typically red and white plugs)in a "composite" video set of cables.

These cables differ in the amount of shielding against hum which they have. Taking usual precautions such as not running it alongside a power cord should result in no problem. Even thicker, more heavily shielded coaxial audio cables are available for just a few dollars if needed.
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