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Posted By: Mojo VP160 - 12/14/17 05:01 PM
Anyone on a VP150, upgrade NOW!

I'm running mine full range. OMG!
Posted By: JBrad Re: VP160 - 12/14/17 07:05 PM
Just wait until your M100's pair up with that bad boy but I I guess you can imagine the result. So cool to hear you really like it! There is nothing better than a upgrade that is kind of game changing.
Posted By: brendo Re: VP160 - 12/15/17 03:44 AM

The Vp160 can play low with ease I have mine running off a channel of my ADA1250, nice full surprisingly deep male voices.
With the amount of content in the center nowadays it's a must 160/180 all the way.
Posted By: brwsaw Re: VP160 - 12/15/17 04:20 AM
Or a matching tower...just sayin
Posted By: Mojo Re: VP160 - 12/15/17 04:40 AM
I have to do more critical listening but I'm not convinced a centre is needed for DPLII if listening from only the main position. In fact, it may be detrimental to over-all imaging and texture.

It was easy for me to turn the 150 off for music but with the 160, it's so leaps and bounds better, I have to be a lot more critical.
Posted By: Mad_Chesser Re: VP160 - 12/15/17 04:43 AM
I ended up getting the vp160 but always wonder if I should have got the 180.

I read many people prefer the m/t/m configuration for off axis listening.

I love it tho!

People always exclaim how monstrous my center channel is lol
Posted By: Mojo Re: VP160 - 12/15/17 06:17 AM
I can't trust a completely horizontal configuration after owning the 150. When I first heard the 160, I immediately liked it.
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