Posted by: Mojo

EP800v4 - 12/14/17 07:52 PM

Photos of the oh so mysterious one.

Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: EP800v4 - 12/14/17 09:45 PM

Thats really bizarre , all the pics on the website show the subs having the dustcaps except for the 800 and yet you got caps. Really not that important, just odd.
Posted by: AAAA

Re: EP800v4 - 12/15/17 03:58 PM

What are your thoughts so far? We should all throw spotify suggestions at you for your new sub.

Thick and slow bass. Sounds really good loud.

Warren G- Regulate
Posted by: AAAA

Re: EP800v4 - 12/15/17 04:43 PM

If this cant slam your room....

The Prodigy- Invaders Must Die
Posted by: brendo

Re: EP800v4 - 12/15/17 05:06 PM

Try DJ Magic Mike Make the car go boom, or Bass is the name of the game
Posted by: Mojo

Re: EP800v4 - 12/15/17 06:52 PM

I have lots of stuff to make it go BOOM! Heh heh...EVIL Mojo! laugh
Posted by: Mojo

Re: EP800v4 - 12/16/17 09:56 AM

Regarding the dust caps that I didn't fancy so much...I now LOVE them. The dust caps according to Ian serve a functional purpose and may be one of the reasons why after all the EVIL I have thrown at this sub, it's still working!

Those who don't have dust caps are on their own.

Must have more dust cap.
Posted by: exlabdriver

Re: EP800v4 - 12/16/17 01:13 PM

Actually, I find that the dual big drivers in the 800 without dust caps have a wonderful hi-tech & elegant appearance.

Unfortunately I cover them up with the grills as I have 4 felines that are not trustworthy when I'm not there, ha!

Last night we finally finished all 8 Star Wars Blu Ray episodes.

Our 800s did themselves proud. My house & couches shook, rattled & buzzed at times. I think that our neighbours are happy that we are done for another year...

Posted by: Mojo

Re: EP800v4 - 12/16/17 02:23 PM

TAM, the amp in both of your 800s is at danger of shutting down because it's probably putting out less than a 1/4 Watt in that tiny dungeon you call a room...LOL! So you don't need what the dust caps offer me. I have mine CRANKED as far as it will go because I am in a cavernous cave.

Yes...I do agree they have an elegant appearance. But mine are far more high tech.