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Posted By: Mojo Outriggers for M100? - 09/19/18 03:46 PM
For those of you with M100s, are outriggers necessary if placing on carpet? How high is the bottom tweeter with the outriggers on?

Also do port plugs come with the M100?
Posted By: Rjlitho Re: Outriggers for M100? - 09/19/18 11:24 PM
Mojo ,
As far asI know they do come with port plugs .If you watch the video
M100S It states that they come with port plugs .

Posted By: Mojo Re: Outriggers for M100? - 09/19/18 11:34 PM
Thanks. I read a review from 2016 that confirmed it comes with three port plugs.
Posted By: Ian Re: Outriggers for M100? - 09/25/18 06:27 AM
The M100s do come with port plugs.
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