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Posted By: Wid Old M80's - 02/21/20 12:46 AM

Sitting here listening to my nearly 17 year old M80's I'm still impressed, puts a big smile on my face. Stilling running them off the Rotel amp but with the Denon 3500 for the center and rears. Just picked up a Marantz Cd5005 for music playback, well built unit and sounds quite good.

That's all, after all these years.

To bad most of the old timers haven't been around, this place used to be a hoot.
Posted By: merchman Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 01:28 AM
I am still loving the sound that comes from my M80's v2. Glad you are enjoying yours and your new electronics my friend!
Posted By: Wid Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 01:34 AM

Hey, it's like magic, one of the old guys showed up LOL.

Hey Ed

Glad to hear you're still enjoying yours too
Posted By: craigsub Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 01:44 AM
Rick - I actually have a pair of the larger bookshelf speakers from about 1990 - the AX-2's. They are a terrific speaker, especially for 30 years old.

The M80 V.2's took up residence here for a few years - and were a really good speaker. It's no surprise you still love them!

They were in a series of tests with Paradigm Studio 100's, Onix Ref 3's and Energy's top floorstander at the time - all of which were almost double the price of the M80's - and they were the clearest in the midrange of the bunch.

The newer stuff is measurably better - it's just a matter of whether your own preferences would find a pair of M80 or M100 V.4's to be an upgrade for you.

As for old timers - I think this was the first forum I ever joined.
Posted By: Wid Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 02:06 AM

Craig, I remember meeting you on the HSU forum LOL. I'll never forget that

I've always enjoyed your posts
Posted By: craigsub Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 02:30 AM
Rick - I joined there one month after joining here. The Hsu forum is also where I had the honor of meeting Rijax/Ajax (RIP July 2017) ... The forums were SO much fun back then ... even with all the fighting about sub woofers!

And yes - we had a lot of fun audio talks back then. It was a golden age for home theater.
Posted By: Wid Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 02:34 AM

Good old Jack, another good guy.
Posted By: michael_d Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 07:59 PM
I still have my M80Ti's Rick. They are being used at rear surrounds and four-channel stereo in my great room now. Like you, I still have the Rotel amp and am using the 3500 for this system. I also have a set of M80v4's in my HT, and I use the overpriced Anthem 1120 for that system. The V4s are softer and not as "detailed" as the Ti's, but in all honesty, I do not favor one pair over the other. Sometimes I prefer the Ti's, sometimes it's the V4's. These new actives have me curious, but not enough to drop that kind of money on them.

This place did have its moments. Good and not so good... I do not miss arguing with the liberals......

I miss Rick F and Homedad. Met them both in person and they are great people.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Old M80's - 02/21/20 09:10 PM
I have upgraded some of my speakers over the years but still have my M80s, which I think are V2s. Absolutely love them.
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