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Posted By: Mojo EP125 or EP175 - 07/28/20 11:56 PM
I'm thinking of EP125v4 or EP175v4 for my 20x12x8 living room for use with M2OW. 2-channel music only down to 28Hz.

Any thoughts?
Posted By: bridgman Re: EP125 or EP175 - 07/29/20 12:57 AM
Based on the last time I had looked at specs I was thinking "duh, EP175" but it appears that the latest versions of the subs go deeper than they used to and that the main difference is more SPL than frequency response.

Given the room size I guess I would still lean towards EP175 though.
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 07/29/20 04:51 AM
John, thanks. I plan on duals - one for each channel. I use the pre-outs from my Pioneer to drive each of my current $100, sloppy-sounding subs.

The entire line of ported subs was re-worked by Andrew. I have never heard one but I've been around long enough to know the legacy designs left a lot to be desired. The new ones reach lower, suffer less distortion, have more power and are more reliable. I think they are finally what they ought to have been from the start.

I need subs that are musical, integrate well with the M2OW, have the finish I want and are small enough for my living room. I'm leaning with giving dual 125s a spin. I suspect they'll sound as musical as the sealed subs but with less reach and output.
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/27/20 04:25 AM
I'm going dual 125s. Those will easily reach down to 28Hz and ought to give me great mid-bass with room gain to boot.

Now I gotta stew for 2 months on what kind of wood and finish I want. I should get a sample of woods from Axiom.

Damn, Axiom makes nice, awesome-sounding gear!
Posted By: bridgman Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/28/20 04:40 PM
Sounds good. For movies I would still argue for "one big" rather than "two small" but for music a pair of EP125's seems promising, and you were pretty clear that this was going to be a music system.
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/28/20 10:23 PM
Indeed, music only in 2.2. I was thinking of dual 500s but I really don't need that reach and power. Plus I really want to listen to the least expensive Axiom sub and see what Andrew ended up doing with it. I listened to Axiom's least expensive speakers and ended up loving them as much as the actives.
Posted By: Rebulx Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/29/20 03:51 AM
Mojo....what are the least expensive speakers you enjoy so much?
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/29/20 04:02 AM
M2 on-walls. In my 1900 cu. ft. living room, they are the most satisfying speaker I've ever had. I've tried all the Axioms I've ever owned in my living room.

My review:

My living room walnut M2OW continue to offer me endless entertainment in my bungalow. No matter where I am in my 1100 sq. ft. space, all I hear is clear, undistorted music. When in my main listening position, it is still hard for me and my guests to believe the wall-to-wall soundstage, which extends out into my yard, comes from small, wall-mounted speakers that completely disappear acoustically while rendering accurate images with space between them. Whether you get the on-walls or bookshelves, you'll be rewarded with one of Axiom's little known secrets - M2s mated with sealed subs are all most listeners need for movies and music.
Posted By: Kodiak Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/30/20 10:16 PM
Following!! I’d love to hear what you think of that setup with dual 125.

Maybe dual 175 for my space...... to augment my m60s, you got me thinking. ( I’m about 3000cubed in the listening space but open to 4800 all in). I know you’ve said dual sealed 500s in the past but that’s not realistic $$$ right now. Plus I’ve got other basic upgrades to make. But id love to hear your honest review of those dual 125s.

Now you have to do it...... wink. Just pick a colour and go for it!!!!
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/30/20 10:41 PM
I'm gonna do it but not until the fall. Suspenseful, huh? smile

I'd bet for your musical tastes of Clapton, Paul Simon, etc, dual 125s would work in that room. In both of our cases, we only need down to 28Hz. With room gain, we'd get at least that. Each sub gives us 500 dynamic Watts. 1000 such Watts is nothing to sneer at.

You can cross them at 40 or 60Hz through your Yammy and get some nice support from your 60s.
Posted By: Kodiak Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/30/20 11:25 PM
I look forward to your review!! The suspense is killing me. ( not really. ). Smirk. I’ve been patient this long for any upgrades so I’ll happily wait. I’m kinda hoping and holding out for some kind of Black Friday and Xmas sales.

I wouldn’t have a way to choose the cross over other than what is on the axiom plate amp. My yammie is not an adjustable avr. But that’s a good thought for a feature to look for in a new integrated to take some of the “ strain “ off the towers.

It’s nice to be back chatting with you and every body. Cheers.
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/30/20 11:47 PM
All newer receivers have it. Even the cheapest ones.

Adjusting the cross-over on the plate amp doesn't unburden the speakers BTW. You can set the sub's cross-over to 80 and just let the 60s play low. Or you could turn down the bass on the yammy and boost the volume on the sub.

Not sure you know but Andrew worked over the 125v4 good. It's almost as good as the 175v3. I'd bet it sounds better than the 175v3. Andrew's the real deal. He's an engineer's engineer. Do you know he broke the laws of physics on the Air N3? He's making 30 Volts from a 15 Volt battery. That's how he gets 75W a side. He takes constructive feedback too because he's humble enough to know goodness can come from many sources.

P.S. I should bring the M100s over.
Posted By: Kodiak Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/31/20 12:19 AM
I had a feeling Andrew was the real deal. I can tell from his videos he’s low key and humble. It’s a good thing in my opinion. It’s a good fit with axiom as I’ve always considered the company as low key and understated but the products speak for themselves.

Anyway, that’s good info re: the reworking of the ep125. I think it’s a serious consideration. I’m not needing the visceral effects for movies , but I do want some underpinning for full range music. It just might fit the bill in my space.

Y’all are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks.

Ps. Or I just buy m100s and not need any subs!
Posted By: TrevorM Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/31/20 12:56 AM
Do you have a big space? Might be a cool idea to trade in?


Just make sure you can set them up with space around them.
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 08/31/20 02:01 AM
He has around 3300 cu ft and open to the rest of his abode. Wood stove too. Want that!

His M60ti are used.
Posted By: Kodiak Re: EP125 or EP175 - 09/01/20 12:41 AM
Yup. They’re used. So no upgrade there. But M100 or LFR actives realistically will be a future setup when I move.

I’m kinda focussed on having the best sound I can get from these m60s for now and not spending a ton of $$$. ( bc I’m spending it elsewhere!!)

Mojo you could have a wood stove too!! It’s not a complicated install......there’s even a really cool forum for wood burning junkies. You’d love it.

Edit: yes I’m member of that wood burning forum. Super nerd.
Posted By: Mojo Re: EP125 or EP175 - 09/01/20 12:46 AM
I'd never install it myself. I'd end up burning my audio gear...LOL! I love fires, man. I am out on my deck all the time lighting up the fire-pit and playing with my knives pretending I'm out in the forest. My Air Freedom is out there too. Now that I have the battery for the Force, I'll be using that a lot more.
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