Axiom vs. PSB

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Axiom vs. PSB - 01/25/02 09:11 AM

I'm trying to get a feel for what the M60ti's sound like without taking a trip to Canada. Of the speakers I can hear here in the States, the PSB Stratus Bronze seems to sound the best in my price range, or, if I decide my price range doesn't reach quite that far, I'd get the Image 5t's. My impressions of the 2: The Stratus Bronze sounds really nice except the bass can be a bit "flabby" at times. The Image 5t sounds ok, but without the presence of the Bronze. Can anyone shed any light on how the M60ti would compare with these?

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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 01/25/02 12:27 PM

For what it is worth, I auditioned PSB and Axiom in my listening room, and chose the Axioms. I had the Stratus 160 (current model bronze) and Axiom AX3 (current model M50/60). I also had Mission, Paradigm(another Canadian) and Infinity.

Just an aside, you realize that PSB is a Canadian speaker as well? They have distributors in the US. I have met Paul Barton (PsB..get it?) on numerous occasions.

Which begs the question, Ian, are there plans for Axiom to expand their distribution channels?


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 01/25/02 12:52 PM

I have the M80ti and heard the M60. I compared them to the Paradigm Monitor 9 v2.
My impressions were the Paradigms were not as tight and focused as the M80s. Axioms are a very accurate speaker (all models) and that's what I like. This reproduces the music in a more 'true to form' style.

good luck

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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 01/27/02 03:29 PM

You mention Canadian brands. Are there other quality brands of Canadian speakers? For that matter, are there Canadian makers of audiophile ranked stuff?

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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 01/27/02 08:10 PM

Absolutely, to answer both questions. There are Canadian pieces that are respected throughout the world of High Fidelity. In fact some of the best pieces are from Canadian designers and manufacturers.

There tends to be "markets" that designers target around the world. Europeans like separates (amp preamp) and view integrateds as for the impovrished. Americans like monster amps, lots of features and Lights...lots of lights and LEDS. The Japanese manufacturers learned this early on and designed almost everything for them. There are many who like audio - pure sound reproduction. These manufacturers build products to accomplish this, and them attempt to sell them. If you read a magazine, the ink stained wretch reviewing the product brings their personal bias to the review.

Anyway enough soapbox! I can supply a list, if requested.


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 01/31/02 10:36 PM

Yes, I would be really interested in a list, by each compnoent in a stereo system. I guess it would be including both expensive and cheaper parts?

I am interested in making my system as good as possible, and I would like to buy Canadian if I can.



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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/03/02 02:01 PM

OK, here is a short list of Canadian manufacturers. I will list them alphabetical by piece:
***(this is by all means not complete, and is subjective to my opinions, experiences, and 20+ years in this business)***

Amplifiers/Preamps/Integrateds :
(HiFi) Bryston, Classe, Oracle, SimAudio, Sonic Frontiers (some models)YBA
(MidFi) Anthem, Coincident, NAD

CD Players:
(HiFi) Oracle, Sonic Frontiers, YBA
(MidFi) NAD

(HiFi) : Oracle

(HiFi) Coincident(some models),Energy(some models), Meadow Song Labs, Mirage(some models) Reference 3a, Totem
(MidFi) Axiom, Coincident(some models),Energy(some models), Mirage(some models), Monitor Audio, PSB

I am positive that I have missed many products. Many great designers and technical minds are also alive and well in Canada, present Axiom owner included.

Agree? Disagree? ...Well, that would be part of the nature of the hobby - subjective!


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/04/02 01:28 AM


Correct me if I'm wrong, mate, but the box for my Monitor Audio Bronze 2 says made in England. Do you know something that I don't? Cheers!


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/04/02 08:04 AM

OOPS! You are absolutley correct! I was given a tip, and did not follow it through. They are made in England, as are some other great pieces.

They are good quality. I like the bookshelve Silver 4i particularly.

Sorry for the mistake.


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/04/02 09:18 AM

But as you mentioend, there are others correct? This is a good list, and how would you rank some of these against the worlds best? I know, I know, it is your opinion only! But those of us new to this are most excited!

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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/04/02 05:56 PM

Wow what a request......are you trying to get me into more trouble?

I can, but unless requested, probably should leave out the individual rankings!

Let see what the masses want.


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/05/02 12:31 AM

Isn't paradigm also Canadian?

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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/05/02 10:55 AM

As I mentioned in the original:

***(this is by all means not complete, and is subjective to my opinions, experiences, and 20+ years in this business)***

I also left some products of because they don't meet MY minimum requirements of sound quality (Athena Speakers jumps to mind) and some I simply do not know about. There are numerous manufacturers and designers toiling away, some if factories, some in basement labs. They can produce limited or limitless quantities of products.

Paradigm does deserve to be on the midfi I am sure you wanted to know that ;)


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Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/05/02 12:54 PM

A correction: NAD equipment is not built or designed in Canada. It is manufactured off-shore (Taiwan, Malaysia) and designed with input from engineers in England, the U.S., Europe, and the Far East.

However, Lenbrook Industries, the company that owns and distributes NAD, is Canadian.


Alan Lofft
Axiom Resident Expert
Posted by: BBIBH

Re: Axiom vs. PSB - 02/05/02 01:01 PM

You know I was under the impression it was designed and made outside of Canada, but a friend at API assured me it was made here by Lenbrook.

I guess I need to dig more before trusting my sources!

Thanks for the correcttion....and welcome aboard!