Audiobytes Stopped Working

Posted by: m_underwood

Audiobytes Stopped Working - 01/14/11 02:16 AM

My two and a bit year old Audiobytes have stopped outputting any sound. They have cut out a handful of times before in the past year, previously resolved by simply power cycling the amplifier module. The amplifier itself produces a quiet buzzing noise as soon at it's turned on. I've tried disconnecting the EPZero, switching cables, different sources, but nothing seems to help. Is there anything I'm missing or am I stuck?
Posted by: jakewash

Re: Audiobytes Stopped Working - 01/14/11 05:19 AM

You should be covered under warranty so I would give Axiom a call.
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: Audiobytes Stopped Working - 01/14/11 10:22 AM

Ditto this. Call Axiom. Sounds like your amp is kaput.
Posted by: alan

Re: Audiobytes Stopped Working - 01/14/11 10:33 AM

Hi 1madman,

Sorry you're having trouble with the Audiobytes and I agree you should call the toll-free Axiom line. As others have noted, I think you may have an amp problem. However, as a final check, in my experience all mini-jack connections (not just the ones used on the AudioBytes) have a tendency to become intermittent at times as the internal spring/pressure mechanism loses tension and/or oxidizes over time. Try cleaning the plugs/jacks and rotating them back and forth in the jacks to see if that helps things.

Posted by: m_underwood

Re: Audiobytes Stopped Working - 01/15/11 01:03 AM

It's definitely not the mini-jack connections. I actually had that issue quite some time ago and had to replace the original input cable.

I'll try giving Axiom a call on Monday.
Posted by: m_underwood

Re: Audiobytes Stopped Working - 02/18/11 10:11 PM

Just picked up the repaired amplifier, seems to be working great now. One odd observation, there is significantly more output to the EPZero now. Very low output from the EPZero is actually something I complained about on day one. Maybe there was something wrong with the amp from the get-go?
Posted by: Adrian

Re: Audiobytes Stopped Working - 02/18/11 10:15 PM

It sounds like there may well have been something wrong from the start, hope it's ok now.