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Posted By: knockturnal subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 05:37 AM

wondering which subwoofer cable i should run for the EP600? thinking blue jeans cable but not sure

Posted By: ClubNeon Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 05:53 AM
Blue Jeans LC-1 is an excellent choice. The low capacitance isn't really a factor with subwoofer frequencies (high capacitance rolls off highs). It's the shielding design that is so good at rejecting low frequency hum (like from power cables).

BJ used to have two lines of cables one with low capacitance for interconnects, and one with good shielding for subs. Their new, custom built LC-1 cable stock beats both previous cables in both areas. And it is cheaper!
Posted By: JohnK Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 06:44 AM
Knock, welcome. There's really nothing to worry about trying to be "sure". You'd have to be pretty unlucky to find a coaxial cable that wouldn't do the job as well as needed. Blue Jeans is fine, but except for their Tartan Cable division, a bit pricey. This is the cable I've used with my EP500 for the last four years.
Posted By: SRoode Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 10:56 AM
I use these (also monoprice) on my EP800s and they work great:
Posted By: BlueJays1 Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 02:20 PM
I support, supporting Blue Jeans Cable. Great products, great service and great people.
Posted By: chesseroo Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 03:36 PM
I've used Monoprice in the past as well. After receiving the item, i saw that it was identical to the one sold in a Future Shop except 1/10th the price.
Shipping was fast.

Very impressed.
Posted By: nickbuol Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 04:21 PM
I used Blue Jeans for my cabling for V2 of my theater because they have great products for a good price. For V3, I went to Monoprice. Great products as well, and even better pricing (usually). You won't go wrong with either company.
Posted By: Wid Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 04:38 PM

I must be the only one using an Axiom sub cable.
Posted By: davidsch Re: subwoofer cables - 03/10/11 05:56 PM
Originally Posted By: wid

I must be the only one using an Axiom sub cable.

I use the Axiom cables for my sub and surrounds. Great quality and very flexible.
Posted By: Spoiler Re: subwoofer cables - 03/12/11 05:20 PM

+1 on the Axiom sub cable.
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