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Posted By: spacegrey How to mount older QS8s on the ceiling? - 03/13/11 07:53 PM
Wonder if anyone has an experience mounting older QS-8s (circa 2002) on the ceiling. Unfortunately those surrounds do not have a thread whole on the back to accept ceiling bracket. And my new room that I'm trying to move this setup into is 20x30 (30 wide). I'm thinking it'll be better for me to put them on the ceiling that have them on the wall 30 feet apart.
I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Posted By: Adrian Re: How to mount older QS8s on the ceiling? - 03/13/11 08:59 PM
Welcome space. I'll assume the back of your '02 QS8's have the same brackets(for the t-bar mount) as the new ones so you *might consider removing the clip mounts from the QS8s and fastening a small piece of wood across the back of the speaker, maybe 1 1/2" x 1" x the distance to the outside of the clips. Use the same holes in the QS8s to fasten the strip of wood. The strip of wood will have a hurricane, barbed, or pronged T-nut properly fastened in it's centre of the right size to mount your ceiling bracket to.
i'm just thinking how nice it must be to be able to have a room that the surrounds have a potential to be 30' apart!
Posted By: JohnK Re: How to mount older QS8s on the ceiling? - 03/14/11 03:03 AM
Alex, welcome. There should be difficulty if the QS8s are mounted about 15' away from the listening position, on the side walls. Any time or volume differences are compensated by calibration, of course.

Edit: make that "no" difficulty!
Adrian, thanks, that's an excellent idea. I came across one other way, the "cheaper" one. I picked a pair of 20lbs rated OmniMount ceiling brackets. They come with a plate that can be attached to the speaker in case it has no threading. I may use a combination of a peace of wood (I think 3/4 plywood would work well) with the mount/plate.

Solar, that's just a basement, majority of it came finished as a single 20x30 room.
John, you are right about that theoretically not presenting any issues, however in this case:
- I hate fishing wires from the ceiling down the walls, need to cut way too many holes
- On one of the side wall there's a large sliding door right where QS8 supposed to be
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