stamped vs. cast speaker baskets

Posted by: ron3033

stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/25/12 01:31 PM

Out of curiosity ..... is there agreat deal of diffence between stamped basket vs. die cast baskets. Does sound or tone quality tht much different to warrant the extra cost?

Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/25/12 01:47 PM

You should probably ask Axiom via phone.

My recollection from when the option was introduced is that Ian claimed no audible improvement.
Posted by: DanielBMe

Re: stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/25/12 01:56 PM

That's what I read, no audible improvement...which is why I ordered my M22's and VP150 with the die cast...

I figured if at some point I had to sell them, the die cast might just make it a bit easier.
Posted by: dakkon

Re: stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/25/12 02:01 PM

i have cast woofers on my LFR's... prior to the LFR's, i was using M60's (which have stamped baskets, as they were bought prior to the option).. I can't hear any difference..... From a materials point of view there should be no difference in regidity between the two, due to the thickness of steel used in the stamped baskets. Also, the more folds you add to steel the stronger it gets from a sheet form.... There was somewhat of a materials conversation on this topic in the LFR thread.. If i remember i'll try to find those pages and link them to you here...

The main reason i got cast was for the astetics.... i knew there would be no realized sonic gain in having a cast over stamped basket when i placed my order.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/25/12 02:45 PM

Some people are inclined to believe that one is clearly superior to another based off of cost. The old idea that if it is more expensive, it must be better. While there are some companies that are all about cheap (low cost, low quality), most people that are even slightly open to logical thinking would agree that they are the same in usefulness with the Axiom line. It is more of an "inexpensive" thing (lower cost, good quality).

As is also mentioned, there is a different look to them too. So the upgrade cost may be worth it, whether within the Axiom line or compared to other manufacturers (see, we aren't all "fanboys" here).
Posted by: JohnK

Re: stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/25/12 10:06 PM

Ron, for the size of the Axiom drivers in question stamped baskets are sufficiently rigid to hold the components in position. For this use die-cast baskets are unnecessary and there's no difference in sound quality. The explanation Andrew gave is found here .
Posted by: ron3033

Re: stamped vs. cast speaker baskets - 10/26/12 09:05 AM

Thanks John for finding the explanation, it was what I thought all along, but it is always wise to check with others.