Amp 1000 power supply

Posted by: weatherby

Amp 1000 power supply - 11/04/12 01:51 PM

Need help, I'm in the process of connecting my newly received ADA 1000 to my system and had a few questions.

1- can I connect the power cord to my receiver Denon AVR 2808 or must it go directly to my power bar? Does the AMP have to remain on continuously?

2- what is the 12V trigger option?
Posted by: CV

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/04/12 02:18 PM

How many channels is your 1000? Personally, I'd plug it directly into the wall if I could, but I'll let other people with more knowledge overrule me.

The trigger allows the amp to power on and off with the receiver or preamp-processor, rather than manually having to turn it on and off separately.
Posted by: dakkon

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/04/12 02:35 PM

plug the amps into the power strip/wall directly... Like CV said, the 12v trigger allows your receiver/processor turn amps on as configured. I have 3 different amps. When i am listening to stereo, only 2 amps are sent a 12V trigger. However, when i am watching a movie, or cable TV all 3 amps are sent a 12V trigger.. You can configure your 12v triggers independently. By utilizing the 12v trigger your amp wont have to stay on, the Denon will turn you amp on and off remotely. The 12v trigger uses a 3.5mm headphone style male plug, if i remember correctly.. You can get inexpensive cables to utilize as trigger cables.

I hope this helps.
Posted by: weatherby

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/04/12 02:56 PM

Thank you for the feedback.

I've connected the power cord with my power bar and as far 12 V trigger, would my Denon have an input to connect to? Or is my model to old?
Posted by: dakkon

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/04/12 03:49 PM

Doing a google search shows that your receiver has 2 triggers, they are marked on the lower left corner on the back of your receiver. They are labeled "Trigger out". Your amp should have a "trigger in" on it.

Simply put, the audio industry have been using 12v triggers for decades. Simply put, your unit is not "to old".
Posted by: DanielBMe

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/06/12 12:18 PM

This may be a silly question but I have a Denon 3808CI and just ordered two ep500's. I understand the ep500 has a trigger in. First off, what kind of cable is a trigger? Do they need to be ordered from Denon or is any cable ok? Also, not sure what the denon has for triggers but if there is only one output for it, is it possible to buy a splitter of some type?
Posted by: dakkon

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/06/12 09:49 PM

Trigger cables are 3.5mm headphone cables. Male to male... I am not using Trigger cables on my EP-600's due to the amps in the subs not turning on like they are suppose to... You may have better luck than myself... For a further explanation on what i am talking about read the below thread. Yes, you can buy a Y splitter, or 2 Y splitters if you would like to get 3 trigger cables off of one "trigger" on your Denon.
Posted by: weatherby

Re: Amp 1000 power supply - 11/08/12 08:00 PM

Dakkon, in one of your post you mentioned "You can configure your 12V triggers independently". Even though I have one 12V trigger connected, do I need to configure the following within my Denon receiver or the minute I connect the two together this is sufficient? frown