Tweeter Matching

Posted by: Adrian

Tweeter Matching - 11/23/12 05:09 PM

Do you guys think it's worth paying $15 per tweet to have them matched on a DIY project or not? the price of the tweeter in question is approx $100 per unit.

Thanks, Adrian
Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: Tweeter Matching - 11/23/12 09:02 PM

Yes. If you are already investing that kind of money...
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Tweeter Matching - 11/23/12 09:33 PM

Adrian, I suppose it would depend on how much difference there was between the spec for the "unmatched" pairs and the tighter tolerance claimed when matched.
Posted by: Ken.C

Re: Tweeter Matching - 11/23/12 09:44 PM

I have to admit, I'm a little bit concerned about the tolerances on tweeters being so poor that they have to match them.
Posted by: Adrian

Re: Tweeter Matching - 11/25/12 07:01 PM

Decided to not get the tweeters matched. It's debatable whether any very minor differences between tweeters, assuming there is some, are actually adible. Thanks for the input guys.