Broken RCA input on EP600

Posted by: Babyface

Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/18/12 08:25 PM

So I was working behind my setup today and my foot caught my sub cable and broke the rca input off. I ordered an XLR cable to use, but I am wondering how difficult the repair is? It look like it is modular.

Anyone have any clue if this can easily be fixed. If it's going to be expensive, I'll just stick with the XLR.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/18/12 08:57 PM

doesn't the 600 have two RCA jacks, one in and one out? actually, I think either one will work, even if it says out.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/18/12 10:08 PM

What EP600 version do you have and what actually broke off. If you have the older EP600 which has both RCA plug inputs and outputs, you simply use the output for an input(as Randy mentioned). This arrangement is like an internal "Y". The branch of the Y which is intended to carry the voltage out works just as well in the opposite direction.

If this is what you have, the cost is zero(unless you also break the RCA plug output off).
Posted by: Babyface

Re: Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/18/12 10:10 PM

I have the first version. It does have an output as well. I'll try that. Thanks

Edit: That does work. Awesome. Thanks again. Still. I wouldn't mind fixing it if it's relatively cheap. I guess I can call support and see if they have just that connector. I can see external screws there. I assume it's to hold on that connection, which makes me assume it could be replaced without replacing the whole amp.
Posted by: dakkon

Re: Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/18/12 10:52 PM

depending on how good you are at soldering. If you have a decent amount of experience, it will be a simple fix.. If you don't have much experience i wouldn't try it...

If you take the amp out, there are jumpers soldered to the RCA connections, with the proper set it, it would be a 15minute fix.
Posted by: Murph

Re: Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/19/12 07:16 AM

Oddly enough, I learned to solder when I was a kid and I was frustrated because I was out of those little tiny nuts and bolts in my Mechano set and I was building an X-Wing Fighter masterpiece that I just HAD to complete. I had seen my Dad do it and it didn't seem too hard. At first I had trouble with some pieces until I realized I had to melt the paint off the metal first.

Turned out that it wasn't hard at all. My Dad however, did not share the joy into what I saw as a brilliant jump into manhood. In his defense, it may have had something to do with the burn mark etched into the kitchen table.
Posted by: chesseroo

Re: Broken RCA input on EP600 - 12/19/12 10:10 AM

Man i loved those meccano sets.