Audio Myths Workshop

Posted by: chesseroo

Audio Myths Workshop - 12/22/12 04:34 PM

A friend of mine, a true STEREOphile, sent me some links today.
This was one of them.
Audio Myths Workshop

I quite like how this was plainly explained. No voodoo, no contention, just...that's how it works.
Posted by: Spoiler

Re: Audio Myths Workshop - 12/23/12 07:14 AM

Very interesting! Once I saw that it was nearly an hour long I thought "meh"...I hit play and watched it all in one sitting! Very informative.
Posted by: chesseroo

Re: Audio Myths Workshop - 12/23/12 11:04 AM

At one point the fellow says "i'm about to talk about a myth and some guys from this company are here upstairs and i even see one in the audience, so i apologize, but really, i don't..."

There was no rebuttal from the person in audience but then again, the whole talk and people's questions and responses may have been clipped.
Posted by: grunt

Re: Audio Myths Workshop - 12/24/12 12:53 PM

Thanks for posting that, it was very informative and entertaining.