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Posted By: JBG integrated amp connected with 2nd integrated amp - 12/30/12 01:24 PM
If I use a mrx 500 amp connected with a denon integrated amp, will that degrade the sound? Can it even be done? Do you turn the volume knob all the way up on the denon integrated?

Source > anthem mrx500 using surrounds > mains going to denon 4802
Wait, are you talking about connecting two receivers? The MRX500 is a receiver, and so is the Denon 4802.

In that case, no. Because the Denon has no separate input that bypasses the pre-amp, it would not be a safe thing to do.
Seriously, the MRX500 costs $1500, only has 4 HDMI inputs, is only 100WPC, and is only 7.1? What on earth makes it worth $1000 more than feature-comparable units?
I'm using the mrx for the processing & the hdmi (4802 hasn't got any hdmi and doesn't have processing of the mrx) The mrx has pre outs. Have just hooked the mains to the denon to the ext. in ... these jacks are used for inputting signals from a kulti-channel outboard decoder 'quoted from the manual', the only question is do I crank the volume level on the denon to the max or keep it to 0db... seems to work good..

this is a temp solution until I get a D-Sonic M2-2500-7 to hookup with the mrx
Originally Posted By: Ken.C
Seriously, the MRX500 costs $1500, only has 4 HDMI inputs, is only 100WPC, and is only 7.1? What on earth makes it worth $1000 more than feature-comparable units?

The showpiece name.

It's actually only 75 WPC into 8 ohms with 5 channels driven continuously...
Got this mrx amp for a good price 700$ new
Fair enough. I doubt you're getting any benefit from combining the two receivers, and you may be running the risk of damaging them.
the mrx is not very good on 4ohm load my m80's, vp180 + 2 pairs qs8's and rated 75 watt on 5 channels.. the denon 150@4ohm each channel.. and the denon 4802 (as per the manual) has this special rare feature ''ext. in'' ... these jacks are used for inputting signals from a multi-channel outboard decoder no different than hooking up an exterior amp like an emo or d-sonic
JBG, if it's correct that the 4802 inputs in question give the same result as if connecting a separate amplifier, then the setting of the volume control on the 4802 is irrelevant. The volume control operates at the preamp stage and this is bypassed if the connection is directly to the amplifier stage.

However, these external multi-channel analog inputs are typically meant to feed feed voltage from a player, etc., into the preamp stage. If this is the case here, a preamp output would be fed into a second preamp stage, possibly overloading the 4802 stage and causing distortion. At least, the volume control on the 4802 would have to be turned down substantially to reduce the voltage input from the MRX.
Looking in the manual, the ext-in feeds the pre-amp in the 4802, not the amp.
guys now you have me a little confused... smile

all I want to know is can I use the pre-outs on the mrx-500 to the denon 4902 or can it possibly damage the 4802

refer to manuals..


denon 4802 (page 11)
Yes, it can possibly damage the 4802. You are outputting preamplified signal into a preamplifier, as John said. The input voltage from a preamp is higher than that from a decoder or SACD player, which is what the 4802 ext-in is for. It is not designed to take input from a preamp.
ok....thanks for the info I will have to find a new temp solution until I can dish out for the d-sonic amp..

the will be denon is going up for sale
I used my M80s with a 75WPC Harman/Kardon receiver for years. Worth a shot, at least.
Hi JBGood,

I got your private message but I thought I'd answer it here for the benefit of other forum readers.
Part of the problem is that you are not specific enough in your use of terms, so we're somewhat confused.
You have two receivers (not integrated amps) and you want to use the pre-outs on one to feed the line-level inputs on the other receiver.
Further to the comments of JohnK and KenC, you can only do this if the inputs are labeled "amp in", which would feed the pre-out input signal to the amplifier section of the other receiver and bypass that receiver's preamp section. You would then use the volume control of the pre-out receiver to control the volume because the volume control is in the pre-amp section of the receiver and controls the pre-out signal level to the amp in the other receiver.

However, if you mean feeding the pre-out signal into a line-input on the other receiver, and into its preamp, NO, don't do this for the reasons mentioned by JohnK and Ken.

Hope that clears things up.

thanks everyone for all the info... only one last thing for purchasing an amp...should I get 3 channel amp or 5 as a temp solution..keep in mind I will be getting a 7 channel amp later on, just not good timming to dish out 4k$ just now..
Three-channel power amps will run cooler than a five-channel amp, so I'd get the 3-channel amp for the front three channels now.

By the way, despite my hangover referred to in the PM I sent you, I did go through the Denon manual, and Ken/JohnK are correct. The Denon's amp inputs are labeled "Ext. In" on the back panel and on the remote, and seem intended for the low-level analog outputs of an external SACD decoder or the like, which, although the manual is unclear, I suspect those feed the preamp section but bypass all the Denon's Dolby/surround decoders. That's the way my old H/K receiver's external analog decoder inputs are wired, which give you volume control of signals from the SACD player.

Denon receivers, even the cheapest ones, will drive 4-ohm loads without shut-down, unless of course you are trying for extremely high sound level playback and overload the Denon's output capabilities. Just curious why you're not using the Denon to drive your system?


1) the mrx is not very good on 4ohm load I have m80's, vp180 + 2 pairs qs8's and this amp is rated @75 watt on 5 channels..but has the hdmi 3d & arc correction + new processing

2) the denon 150@4ohm each channel..real sweet but the denon has no hdmi & manual correction + 10 year old precessing

I don't neeed the 9.2 precessing or the extra features like hd radio .. I mainly use the setup in HT room watch films, 3d, tv + computer & music
JBG, according to various posts here, the MRX500 is capable of handling 4 ohm loads.
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