Audyssey curve; room treatments

Posted by: Rodney

Audyssey curve; room treatments - 12/31/12 08:58 PM


I reran Audyssey on my Denon AVR-3312ci. This time with 3 total spots. When I get a tripod, I'll do the recommended 8 or 80 or whatever. smile

I accessed the receiver through the network. Very nice feature. But the thing I wanted most, I didn't find. I wanted to find the Audyssey graph JPEGs (or whatever format) in order to post them here to see what you guys thought about my room's frequency response. Are the Audyssey curves available through the network interface and I'm just missing it?

I want to "invest" in some room treatments, but first I gotta learn what these graphs mean. I know there is a software out there by home theater shack. It looks intimidating.

Happy New Year,
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 12/31/12 11:13 PM

I'm not aware of a receiver that will show the graph, only using the OSD. I just took a picture of the results that were displayed on my sceen using the nice GUI on screen display, didn't use network feature. Keep in mind what you are seeing in the graph is not the response of the room, but the adjustments in EQ to compensate for your room. So for ex, if you are seeing a dip in the Audyssey graph, that means you actually had a peak, so Audyssey is compensating for that peak. Basically, you could say the graph is the opposite of your actual room response.

Also, if your seating area is smaller, you probably don't need to run all 8 or whatever locations. I have two rows of seating which made more sense in my case.

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Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 12/31/12 11:43 PM

I started using the 8 position. Each about 1 to 1.5 feet apart. I use room instead of seating position because seating is in an L shape around the room. I start in center of room with mic on tripod a couple of inches above the height of the high backs, with the next 2 positions to the left and right of there. The next 3 positions the same, except about a foot closer to mains. The last 2 about 1.5 feet back and between the middle 3 positions.
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Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 11:23 AM

I want to ask if Audyssey is the Bees Knees (XT32) for room correction? Or, is it just the one that is most popular? I have briefly seen other room correction programs and such on the internet, but quite expensive.

The mic looks really basic, and I would think there are more accurate mikes than the one that Audyssey provides.

Just a thought.
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 11:27 AM

My personal thoughts are that Audyssey helps in setup, but I don't like the EQ effects.

Mostly, though, I want to comment on the mic situation: While I'm a big believer in good mics, what is more important here is consistency from sample to sample. If each mic produced is consistent with each other in terms of deviation from flatness, it's easy for Audyssey to account for that in the room readings.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 11:46 AM

"Mic performance has nothing to do with how substantial the mic is. It has to do with how the mic is calibrated. There is a very precise calibration curve in the AVR's that makes the Audyssey mic perform like a professional mic. Using any other mic will give you totally wrong results because the calibration will be incorrect."

From Audyssey
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Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 02:25 PM

You asked the wrong guy that question. I liked Pioneer Elite MCACC professional soooo much better than Audyssey, that I'm willing to swap out my newer Dennon receiver for another Pioneer Elite just so I can have MCACC back. I've recalibrated many times with the same results. I get overly bright results with Audyssey. The highs sound amazing, but too much for my ears. I like it toned down just a little more. Sounds better than with Audyssey off though.

I've also read that since Denon was bought out by the company that makes Marantz, the amps in Denon are not as robust as they used to be. Whereas with Pioneer and their newer D3 amps, they are better than ever. For me Pioneer Elite is a win, win situation.
Posted by: J. B.

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 02:33 PM

Cat, have you tried to weaken the high freq. in your Denon receiver's menu ? there are many ways you can use to do that.
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 02:40 PM

I've only seen 2 methods. 1) Don't run Audyssey Flat, and 2) set Audyssey to off, I think, and turn tone controls on, so treble can be turned down.

1) doesn't do enough.
2) don't like the sound with Audyssey off.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 06:22 PM

Without looking at my manual, I think my 3808 has Audyssey Off, Normal, Flat, and maybe one other. In addition you have Dynamic EQ and the Dynamic Volume settings;normal, evening, midnight. I would make sure you don't have one of the extras turned on. I've never experienced any problems with the "highs" but sometimes the "lows" can be overpowering.
Posted by: Rodney

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 06:24 PM

cool. Thank you all.

Anyone know of a quick remote-control way of turning off Audyssey EQ?

I can't seem to be able to turn it off when the source is on. If I'm on "BD" source, I have to turn the Bd player off and then I'm able to to turn EQ off in the Denon settings...

Posted by: CatBrat

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 06:28 PM

I've tried all the settings. I have dynamic volume set to DAY by choice. I see you have M80's whereas I have M22's. that may be where the biggest difference lies. Perhaps Denon sounds better with M80's, and the Pioneer sounds best with M22's.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/01/13 10:39 PM

Brian, as I mentioned before, while Audyssey is on and Dynamic EQ off, the tone controls can be set.
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Re: Audyssey curve; room treatments - 01/02/13 08:08 AM

That's what I meant to say. Couldn't remember at the time. The problem with that is I don't like the sound with EQ turned off. Takes the liveliness out of the sound. Then if you turn the treble down, sounds even worse.

In this regard, MCACC has the better idea. Adjustable equalizer.