EP800 12v trigger intermittent

Posted by: Brendan

EP800 12v trigger intermittent - 01/20/13 01:48 PM

Hi everyone.

I have an EP800v3 and have been having issues with the 12v trigger turning on the amp. It works about 90% of the time, but when it doesn't, power on and off is the only way to force the amp on. Is anyone else experiencing any issues similar to this? If so, has any modification been successfully implimented to cure the problem?

Cheers, Brendan
Posted by: dakkon

Re: EP800 12v trigger intermittent - 01/20/13 09:29 PM

Brendan, i wound up not using the trigger on my at all, i just let the amp go into stand by when it's not being used... I have a pair of EP-600's.. I had wrestled with this issue for a while, in the end.. i gave up on the 12v trigger.
Posted by: Boltron

Re: EP800 12v trigger intermittent - 01/21/13 06:32 PM

I too had issues with my EP500 trigger being intermittent. I just leave the sub on, power draw is very little ~10 watts. I only switch off the unit if I am going away for more than a few days.