Subwoofer connection-2 channel sys

Posted by: jorg

Subwoofer connection-2 channel sys - 04/08/13 02:47 PM

Been awhile since I set up, stuff in storage for a couple years..Only used as stand alone 2 channel set up.

-Dennon Rec'r:
4 speaker out w/ speaker select A&B, Pre-amp out.
Does NOT have sub out.
-Carver M1.5 amp.
-2xM22 Wall mount (2007 manu date)
-1xEP175 sub (2007)

Does this sound correct:
-Rec'r PreAmp out to Carver;Carver out to M22
-Rec'r select channel A & out to Subwoofer high level in.

Thanks, probably just overthinking this, but its been awhile wink
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Subwoofer connection-2 channel sys - 04/09/13 11:37 PM

Glenn, yes maybe you are over-thinking this a bit. Sure, connect the Denon front channel pre-outs to the Carver to power the M22s, and the Denon front channel speaker terminals to the EP175 speaker level inputs. The low-pass filter on the sub would be adjusted to get a good blend with the "natural" roll-off of the M22s.
Posted by: jorg

Re: Subwoofer connection-2 channel sys - 04/10/13 11:01 AM

Thanks John, appreciated !