Sizing question

Posted by: McDave

Sizing question - 05/26/13 02:32 PM

For a room that is 14 feet wide and 16 feet deep (speakers on 14 foot wall) that continues into a kitchen for another 25 feet (still 14feet wide, but becomes tile in kitchen) with 9foot cielings will the m80v3 and 180 center be too big ? I am pretty much sold on them head urged against it here. Pairing them with svs sb12nsd sub. Should I.unprgade thy too? Max would be pb12 nsd. Thanks
Posted by: Ken.C

Re: Sizing question - 05/26/13 02:42 PM

Sounds good to me.
Posted by: dakkon

Re: Sizing question - 05/26/13 03:19 PM

i would actually tell you to hold off on the sub.. My room is 17X18' that opens into a kitchen and family area that is smaller than your over all area.

I had 2 EP-600's... I would think you would need a similar amount of output...

I would maybe hold off and eventually end up with a pair of PB12-Plus's.. wait until you can get one, then later down the road buy a second...

When i had 1 EP-600 it was decent. But, adding the second one took the system to a whole other level...
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Sizing question - 05/26/13 09:54 PM

Mac, within reason there's no "sizing" problem for speakers in typical home listening rooms such as yours. As long as you sit far enough away for the drivers in big speakers to "blend"(say 8' or more for M80s)there's no need to think big speaker, big room. You of course are in control of the sound level, whatever the size of the speakers.

As to the sub, it's doubtful whether the relatively small difference between one SB12-NSD and one PB12-NSD will be enough to bother with.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Sizing question - 05/27/13 01:06 AM

I've got M60s with a VP180 in my theater which is 14' wide by 24' deep. My ceilings are just shy of 8' and the VP180 is great in that room with the ability to go into even larger spaces. The M60s hold their own, but I can only imagine how M80s would sound.

I have an older SVS 20-39PCi sub that does the LFE dirty work, but I can't wait until I build my own sonic twin to match it and get even more bass. Will it do the job? Absolutely, and it does it well, but multiple subs really sound a lot better than a single sub.

So I think that you are perfectly on track with the M80/VP180 combo and a good sub. Enjoy it now, and add a second sub as finances allow.