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Posted By: SirQuack clicking sound in EP600 - 08/17/13 06:13 PM
Well, last night while watching some Direct TV down in the Plex last night, my son and I start hearing some clicking/ticking sounds coming from the left side of the room.

At first I thought it was something coming from the left surround. However, it did it on other channels as well. The first time I walked over to figure out what it was the sound stopped. I was confused...

After a bit it started again, and as I approached the 600, and listened back by the amp side, I could tell it was something in the amp ticking.

I turned off the power and unplugged the AC for a few minutes, and when I plugged it back in and turned it on, it started clicking again. As far as I can tell I'm still getting some bass from the sub and as I turn up the gain I get increased volume.

I can call Axiom, just thought I would see what you guys think; fuse? something else?

Posted By: nickbuol Re: clicking sound in EP600 - 08/18/13 02:24 AM
I don't believe that your subwoofer exists any more since we still don't see new photos of the new PorterPlex.

Oh, and I have no ideas about your problem. Sorry.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: clicking sound in EP600 - 08/18/13 03:05 AM
Posted By: MarkSJohnson Re: clicking sound in EP600 - 08/18/13 02:01 PM
New spirits with bad joints?
Posted By: SirQuack Re: clicking sound in EP600 - 08/18/13 11:06 PM
I new we shouldn't have started watching Ghost Adventures and Dead Files on SciFi, and communicating with a ghost box. smile It is basically the clicking sound you hear when first turning on the 600 amp, it just keeps doing it.. I do have a different amp than the current 600v3 has in it.
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