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Posted By: Devilbones EP350 Problems? - 12/27/13 11:33 AM
Just the other day my sub has the red light blinking and doesnt appear to be working anymore. I have power cycled and tried a different source and that didnt seem to help. Any ideas?
Posted By: alan Re: EP350 Problems? - 12/27/13 01:47 PM
Hi Devil,

Try unplugging your 350 completely from the wall and leave it for an hour. It may re-set and be ok. If not, call the Axiom 800 number and speak to Brent or Debbie.

Posted By: Devilbones Re: EP350 Problems? - 12/28/13 09:59 PM
That didnt seem to work. I am going to give a call on Monday. Thanks.
Posted By: Jc Re: EP350 Problems? - 12/29/13 06:34 PM
Hi Devilbones,

Axiom used several models of amplifiers for their EP350 subwoofer. You will need to email a photo of the back of your EP350 showing the entire metal plate of the amp and the name under which it was purchased. Here are the email addresses for Debbie and Brent.
Brent :
Debbie :

With that info on hand they will be able to give you the proper directions right away when you will phone.

Good luck !
Posted By: SpenceJT2003 Re: EP350 Problems? - 04/13/14 11:08 PM
While working to calibrate levels after installing a pair of m60s that I picked this afternoon (replacing/upgrading a pair of m22s), I noticed that I've got no sound coming from my EP350 (purchased back around 2006-7). I went so far as changing out the line connected to my even older, but still working secondary (Cerwin Vega) sub, and still no sound. The driver appears to be undamaged. I have yet to open it up to inspect the capacitors our wiring.

I have reached out to Axiom in the hope of determining next steps. I really liked the product, and am down to a single sub.

Taking a photo of my amp plate, and teaching out to Axiom contacts listed above the morning.
Posted By: SpenceJT2003 Re: EP350 Problems? - 04/13/14 11:35 PM
Just pulled the amp, Which is a sealed black plastic module with a pair of standard speaker terminals on it's back.

It has "500" written on the right side of the module. Does this mean that I've got one of the rumored hybrid EP350s that I had read about?

So no ability to check capacitors given the sealed module, and I am hesitant to dig deeper.

Just tested the speaker by connecting the cable to the output of my phone playing music, and I get sound. Slightly faint, which is expected due to it's low power output.

Seeking next steps toward getting my sub repaired. Help?
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