Removing Tweeter ring?

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Removing Tweeter ring? - 03/09/14 07:23 PM

Hello! I think I came across this topic a long time ago, but not sure. I have some Inwall M22 speakers that have been really good! I was wondering what would happen if I clipped the ring out of the tweeter? What is the purpose, and what would it typically do to the soundstage if removed?
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Re: Removing Tweeter ring? - 03/09/14 08:20 PM

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Re: Removing Tweeter ring? - 03/09/14 09:59 PM

I'm simply asking what its for? What would/could happen if I clipped it out? There are a lot of tweeters that have no ring over the dome. Would the sound be dispersed more evenly if removed? It looks as if its blocking the high frequencies in specified angles (degrees) towards the listener.
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Re: Removing Tweeter ring? - 03/09/14 10:01 PM

Mike, if by "ring" you mean the small disc that's suspended in front of the dome, it's called a diffuser. Its main purpose is to make the high frequency dispersion wider and smoother. It also to some extent protects the dome from damage. Removing it would adversely affect performance at high frequencies and there appears to be no good reason to do so.
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Re: Removing Tweeter ring? - 03/09/14 10:06 PM

Thank you!
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Re: Removing Tweeter ring? - 03/10/14 05:32 AM

it's also called a lens, like on a camera, but for sound waves.