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Posted By: Crimson Wrath Denon AVR Problem - 03/23/14 09:35 PM
I purchased an x4000 a few months ago and lately I've had problems with the source input changing itself at apparently random times. This is independent of the source that is being used at the time, and independent of cables that are being used as I've changed them and have the same results. I will be using the DVD input and it will switch itself to CBL/SAT (despite there being nothing connected to that input), and if I simply plug what I'm using into the CBL/SAT input then it will switch itself to PHONO (with nothing connected into phono). This does not happen often, but enough to be very annoying. I did a hard reset in the receiver and this did not help. Also checked the batteries in the remote and they are brand new with full charge reading on a multimeter. Any ideas? Thanks.
Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/23/14 10:24 PM
Perhaps the remote is randomly firing by itself.

Have you tried 'hiding' the remote so that the AVR can't see it?

Posted By: Crimson Wrath Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/23/14 11:09 PM
Yeah, took the batteries out for a while and it still happens. If it's still the remote causing it then I should probably be more concerned with paranormal activity than electrical issues shocked I found some possible solutions on AVS and will try those. Bought the AVR from non-Denon authorized dealer so hopefully it gets resolved.
Posted By: wilwom Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/24/14 12:25 AM
Nice receiver! 275 page owners manual.

How and what do you have it connected to? Do you have a home network, etc? I'd wager that it's not paranormal.

Posted By: Crimson Wrath Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/24/14 12:51 AM
It's connected HDMI sources are usually to my laptop or other PC used for gaming. Yes I have it networked, however I disconnected it from the router to see if that was maybe causing the problem and it still happens even with the ethernet disconnected. AVS suggests changing a setting involving standby IP control and resetting the microprocessor a few times. If the problem still continues I may have to replace the HDMI board, which I would have to pay out of pocket for. frown
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/24/14 01:14 AM
Have you emailed Denon support?
Posted By: JohnK Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/24/14 02:03 AM
So, even if you disconnect every input except one, say DVD, it'll still switch to another input? Don't recall hearing of something like that before. To eliminate a wild theory about some strange random radiation affecting the remote receptor try covering the entire front of the receiver with some opaque object.

Even though you've already done a hard reset, if you didn't do so try the more basic unplug for a few minutes step.
Posted By: Crimson Wrath Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/24/14 02:33 AM
Yeah, it happens if only one input is connected. Will try covering the remote receptor and unplugging for a while to see if that helps. Next step will be contacting Denon support, but not looking for much help with that as it's not under warranty.
Posted By: Crimson Wrath Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/26/14 05:59 AM
So I found a way to minimize the issue, and that was to "hide" all of the other inputs besides the one I use the most in the HDMI setup menu. It still occasionally likes to try to switch the source itself, but does not have one to go to so instead the screen just goes black for about 5 seconds and then returns to the original source. I tried unplugging the unit for a while and also covering the sensor to no avail. Need to contact Denon probably but without the warranty I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
Posted By: TrevorM Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/26/14 01:51 PM
Sorry if you have, but it may be worth it to switch HDMI control off on all components, and in the AVR. Worth a try.
Posted By: Crimson Wrath Re: Denon AVR Problem - 03/27/14 02:38 AM
I think that is the same as switching them to "hide" in the HDMI menu, but I'll take a look. Thanks.
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