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Posted By: difeng Axiom subwoofer in active monitor setup - 11/22/14 08:17 PM
I'm thinking about an Axiom subwoofer, but I'm not sure about how to make one work in my setup.

My audio out is an Apogee Duet, and my speakers are active monitors Adam A7. The Duet is stereo out only, and the Adam monitors are audio in only.

My guess is I need some kind of splitter, but not sure how it would work with Axiom subs having a single RCA input. Splitting one channel doesn't seem like a good solution. I'm curious if anyone here has figured out a solution to a similar setup? Keep in mind the Adam monitors are active and have their own built-in amplifiers.
Posted By: fredk Re: Axiom subwoofer in active monitor setup - 11/24/14 03:15 PM
I'm surprised nobody answered.

Give axiom a call. I know they have high level inputs on their subs, so I'm sure its possible to do what you want, but I don' personally know how.
Posted By: bridgman Re: Axiom subwoofer in active monitor setup - 11/24/14 07:28 PM
I suspect we're all staring at the Apogee Duet specs figuring there's probably some clever way to make the second set of audio outputs (headphone jack I guess) output a mix of the two channels and hoping someone else actually knows the answer.

In the meantime, my guess is what you need is a headphone plug, a couple of resistors to mix the signals (one end of each resistor goes to a pin on the headphone plug, other ends are soldered together to give you a combined signal), and an RCA phono cable with one end cut off so you can solder one end to the connected end of the resistors and the other end to the headphone plug's ground.

I'm sure there's a factory in China that makes just that assembly for 275,000 other companies to resell but I wasn't able to find one...

EDIT -- the high level inputs might work too and would definitely be the easier answer... probably would need the sub's level control turned up higher since the high level inputs are expecting signals from a power amp but AFAIK the usual settings are pretty low anyways.
Posted By: AAAA Re: Axiom subwoofer in active monitor setup - 11/24/14 08:15 PM
Did axiom design a new amp plate yet with a better input scheme yet? The pics of the new EP500 are a mix of new and old. I can't tell.
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