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Posted By: Kenm80 Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/10/15 06:46 PM
I just bought a pair of axiom QS4 v1 Surround Speakers on ebay. Are the grills that cover the woofers on top and bottom removable? the grills covering the tweeters come off but the woofer grills won't budge. I don't know if this is just a 1st generation thing or did the previous owner glue them on....
Axioms site doesn't offer old model product manuals, but there might not have even been one for the QS4 V1

Posted By: Ken.C Re: Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/10/15 06:55 PM
They do come off, but the pegs are very, very stiff. They're ball and socket type, so they can be really hard to remove. Note that I only have experience with the v2 and v3 models, but I'm pretty sure the mounting didn't change from the v1 (aka ti)

Posted By: nickbuol Re: Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/10/15 07:05 PM
Agreed with Ken. They should come off, but make sure that you pull straight down. I have seen photos of people snapping off the ball end in the past. That is one of the reasons that they moved to magnet attached grills.
Posted By: Kenm80 Re: Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/10/15 07:14 PM
Thanks Ken,
That's what i figure, i'll gently try and get them off again tonight!

Posted By: Ken.C Re: Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/10/15 07:23 PM
Don't try to pull them off when they're on your walls!

And make sure the speakers on the mounting tabs securely once they're on your walls. A falling surround is not fun, trust me.
Posted By: Kenm80 Re: Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/12/15 02:59 PM
Well I tried again (safely on my workbench) I know know that the grills covering the woofers are glued on. the previous owner must have broken the tabs and instead of getting new grills or properly fixing the old ones just COVERED the face with glue and clamped them on until they dried. Its so tightly glued on that i fear i'll pull up the veneer while trying to separate the grills. unlike the sides with the working tweeter grills there is NO gap between the grills and the speaker housing. Oh well.
Posted By: Ken.C Re: Grills on QS4 V1 - 11/12/15 05:28 PM
Oh, lame.
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