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Posted By: mrihar EP500 Trigger - Not Reliable - 11/16/15 06:18 PM

I have a Denon x4000 which has two trigger outs. I used one for my EP500. I find that it doesn't reliably turn on the sub. Sometimes I have to unplug the sub for 10-15 minutes and then reconnect the trigger cable and turn everything back on to get it to response correctly to the signal from the Denon. I've tried with both trigger out ports and end up with the same sporadic problems. I've also noticed that when it doesn't trigger the sub on, and the sub LED is red, if I wiggle 3.5mm cable in the sub port sometimes I see if flicker from red to green for an instant.

I'm concerned I may have some defective electronics. Has anyone else noticed this type of behavior with the EP500 trigger?

Posted By: MatManhasgone Re: EP500 Trigger - Not Reliable - 11/16/15 11:45 PM
If wiggling the cable will turn it on then the plug port is defective. It is either too loose, or the cable you have is not the correct size.

My daughter went and distroyed a pair of headphones that has the removable 3.5mm plug port on them by using a cheap wrong sized plug that expanded the 3.5mm port on the headphones to the point they would not work unless you wiggle it in the correct position.

Sometimes buying cheep from ebay ends up costing you far more in the long run
Posted By: mrihar Re: EP500 Trigger - Not Reliable - 11/17/15 12:22 AM
Thanks for your reply. I would normally agree with what you said. I can see that happening really easily. Thought it wouldn't explain how it reliably resets itself after I pull the subs plug for 10-15 min. Seems more like there's an electronics glitch that gets reset once the capacitors in the amp exhaust their charge. A loose connection just wouldn't reliably start working after a short time unplugged.

It's happened about 5-6 times and usually when I rearranging things. It would be interesting to hear if someone has seen something similar and what the root cause was.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: EP500 Trigger - Not Reliable - 11/17/15 02:58 AM
sounds like a call to Axiom is in order. They are great to deal with so no worries.
Posted By: EFalardeau Re: EP500 Trigger - Not Reliable - 11/17/15 12:23 PM
Also make sure you are using a mono cable. I had trouble in the past with stereo cable + mono adapter that "sort of worked" with 12v triggers.
Posted By: mrihar Re: EP500 Trigger - Not Reliable - 12/07/15 09:19 PM
Just thought I'd let everyone know what the solution was or the trigger problem. I was in fact using a stereo 3.5mm male-male cable. I've since replaced it with a mono 3.5mm male-male cable and its working flawlessly. At least it seems that way for now.

Someone actually posted that the problem may be the cable but I didn't really go in for that solution at first. Thanks to whomever offered that advice.

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