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Posted By: RazorFace Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/15/16 09:45 PM
I've been trying, unsuccessfully, for two days to get through on their phone from the US. I've been waiting for 3 weeks to get refunded for the speakers I returned, and which they received on 29 December 2015. They haven't closed have they? Even my email has gone unanswered.

So, if anyone from Axiom reads this could you please check on the refund status for order# 10800160.

Posted By: TroyD Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/16/16 03:28 AM
No holidays here, this doesn't sound like Axiom
Posted By: JohnK Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/16/16 03:47 AM
Michael, the lack of response which you describe is rather disturbing, but I note that Matt has been in contact with Axiom in the last few days, as mentioned in his thread here . Hopefully this'll be noticed and your problem resolved in a more typical fashion which Axiom has been known for.
Posted By: Ian Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/16/16 09:42 AM
Hi Michael,

We did your credit yesterday. I am not sure how it got missed the Friday before other than AxiomAir project has been pulling the elastic band of everyone's time pretty thin these past few months.

Please accept my apologies for the delay.
Posted By: 2x6spds Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/17/16 02:33 AM
Whew! Glad a rock didn't fall out of the sky and take out our favorite audio facility.
Posted By: Richie Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 02/04/16 06:48 AM
I am a bit concerned too. I sent an email to Debbie S a week ago regarding my dead EP600v2 and have not received a response yet.
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