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Posted By: mket Question about using "speaker stands" - 10/03/16 05:44 AM
Axiom only sells stands that are 24" tall. Our furniture is taller than that - so it seems to me the furniture would block/absorb a lot of the sound. There seem to be stands that can extend to 48".

Will the M2 or M3 "ONwall" with bracket have the right connection points to fit on a generic stand that has fitting/connection points that are somewhat adjustable to fasten on to a speaker stand.
Here is the stand I have in mind:

Thank you
Posted By: Ian Re: Question about using "speaker stands" - 10/03/16 08:18 AM
You can get our stands up to 38" by having us make a custom pole height for you. If this works for you it is easiest to e-mail and she will look after everything.
Posted By: SteveInCC Re: Question about using "speaker stands" - 12/16/16 02:53 AM
I just bought a new "primary seat" with a lower back for that very reason. Note: Debbie called me to modify my order because even though the website gives the option of up to 38" height, the max is apparently 36". This worked out well.
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