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Greetings. The midrange speakers on one of my M22s have started to cut on and off. I tried rapping it with my knuckle once and the sound returned briefly. I'm "handy" but not familiar with speaker circuitry, so I don't know if this might be the proverbial loose wire or something more difficult. How should I investigate? Thanks for any suggestions.
the speaker components are easy to remove. they did ship with an Allen key just for that purpose. Undo the bolts and gently lift the speaker out. you will easily see if one of the connectors is loose
thanks. I'll take a look tomorrow and report back.
I examined the connections at each of the speakers and at the module at the base. The connections at the speakers seemed secure. It was harder to tell at the base since they are soldered on, but they seemed ok. With the speaker off the wall I was able to replicate the brief fix by tapping, the mid ranges come on but then drop off after 10 seconds or so. When the mid ranges are working, they sound fine.

I'd appreciate any further suggestions. Thanks once more.
I would contact Axiom directly to see what assistance they can provide. Have the serial number handy.
ok, will do. thanks.
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