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Posted By: TroyD Friigin password - 01/11/17 12:45 PM
This is rediculous the only password I can us is the one that Axiom sends when resetting.
Then if I am on another computer I have to remember that one or reset it.

I go in and change the password and save, but if I log out that├Ęs it I have to reset , Every single time.
I have to have save passwords active on my laptop is the only way
Posted By: BBIBH Re: Friigin password - 01/11/17 01:29 PM
Have you cleared your browser?
Posted By: TroyD Re: Friigin password - 01/11/17 02:14 PM
Mike I've refreshed yesterday and before. I'm on probably my fourth laptop. I re image maybe three times a year I use Firefox mostly but occasionally edge or IE. If I save the passwords I will get on the next day or week or months. As long as I only use this laptop.with the temp password they send me. I have to keep the new passord on my phone in notes. Because it's so weird and no relevance. If I change the password in settings the next time I am locked out and have to reset with axiom. Never ever does it save. And if I do go back and try the temp password that worked to get me in , it no longer works and I have to reset again.
Posted By: MatManhasgone Re: Friigin password - 01/11/17 04:13 PM
I have no problem with my passwords on here. I use LastPass and it saves it for me and allows me to have passwords synced across multiple devices.

I have noticed that sometimes when you enter the password here at axiom it will reject it the first time but entering the same password a second time works fine.
Posted By: bridgman Re: Friigin password - 01/11/17 10:39 PM
I find the login/password mechanism works great with Ubuntu/Firefox but constantly un-remembers me with Windows/IE.

Fortunately I hardly ever use Windows/IE these days. Guess I should try Windows/Firefox.
Posted By: 72mustang Re: Friigin password - 01/11/17 11:16 PM
I couldn't get logged on all day on several phones and computers. Iit wouldn't accept either my password or the 10 different ones I kept asking for because nothing worked. I even messages the admin in contact us messaging. Never received a reply. Go figure.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Friigin password - 01/11/17 11:40 PM
The only trouble I have had with this site was before the update and it would not keep me logged in. If I check the keep me logged in box it would kick me after I visited one thread. In IE 11 I added Axioms URL to the trusted sites and that cured the problem . I now go for about 10 days before I have to log back in. I can now load Axioms site and be logged in when I get here even after a reboot.
Posted By: TroyD Re: Friigin password - 01/12/17 12:44 AM
I give up I finally got a password reset that I can remember
. Hell I can remember my debit card numbers my visa and Mastercard I can remember a 6 digit password.
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