Subwoofer Hum

Posted by: g_hunt

Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 07:20 PM

I have a Cerwin Vega sub that hums all the time. I found you site tonight and tried a few things. The noise comes from my cable TV. I went outside and cleaned the ground cable. Nothing happened. I went and bought 2 70-300 transformers and nothing happened.
When the cable is hooked up the sub will not go onto standby.

Anyboby have other suggestions

Posted by: pmbuko

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 07:51 PM

Have you tried plugging your subwoofer into a different outlet, preferably on a separate circuit?
Posted by: g_hunt

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 07:52 PM

I have had all the equipment pluged into a power bar and have also had the sub pluged on the other side of the room
Posted by: 2x6spds

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 07:57 PM

If the noise is coming from the Cable TV, try an isolation transformer. Check out the Calrad 75-504
Posted by: g_hunt

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 08:01 PM

Where would I pick up one of these units and do you know what the cost would be?
Posted by: 2x6spds

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 08:05 PM

Try Marvac Electronics if you're in Southern California. About $8.00.
Posted by: g_hunt

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/07/03 08:07 PM

I wish! its -10c tonight so im a little further north.
Toronto Canada
Posted by: Hawkson101

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/08/03 05:29 AM

it may be a grounding issue.
check for a grounding outlet/wire
Posted by: JasonG

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/08/03 10:01 AM

If the sub has a three-prong plug, you could try one of those two-prong "cheater" adaptors. That worked for my Hsu.
Posted by: alan

Re: Subwoofer Hum - 12/08/03 05:17 PM

Hi g_hunt,

See my answer to "Speaker Hum" (Curtis and Kevin). If you are on Rogers' cable system in Toronto, you have to keep complaining until the guy comes and installs an earth ground--if nothing else works.