LFR ilo 3.0

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LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/12/17 12:06 AM

Any LFR owners who can comment on using a pair of LFR's instead of a L/C/R 3 channel front sound stage?
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/12/17 02:47 PM

I typed it out then it didnt submit...might have 2 posts here lol...

I was daydreaming about the LFR's in the refurb section and was thinking they would obviously best my memory of my first pair of M80's.
Still cant believe how 2 speakers can sound like 3 (or more).
"I'd swear the center channel was turned on", how many times have you read that statement on a review?
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/12/17 05:46 PM

Since making the tweaks in my basement, I no longer need the center for movies or music. I don't need the surrounds for music either - and that's with old M80s. What Ian says about not treating the surfaces is very true.
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/12/17 10:45 PM

I've been back and forth between all the options available but I keep finding different aspects of each setup that I like. Eventually I decide moving things around once again is worth the risk. Its a good time to clean too.

I found panels on the wall in front of my seat to do definite harm to the darkness in my room. Very distracting. Without them all you see is the image.

I really like the HP version and I look forward to using them more in the very near future.

We have had a number of power outages today. The kids are hounding me to let them into the theater and I'm itching to have a round tonight too.
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/14/17 08:41 PM

We have been running the LFR-1100's as a two channel set up for a year now, and watch a lot of movies in that system. They are an amazing speaker. Sometimes, with just those two speakers, you get that "sound from behind you" effect.
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/15/17 12:48 AM

I do get the same effect.
I've turned off my surrounds many times, they're off now.
What difference do you notice up front since switching?
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/15/17 07:11 PM

We never ran the LFR-1100's in anything but 2 channel... and went from M-100's to the LFR's. It was an easily noticeable difference - the speakers pretty much disappeared.
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/15/17 07:37 PM

I have that now too. Lol.
Good news.
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/17/17 12:36 AM


what does Ian say about not treating surfaces?
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Re: LFR ilo 3.0 - 02/17/17 04:08 AM

My advice is to keep it to a minimum; use it when you need to address a specific problem. We live in a reflective world so that is what sounds natural to us. Listening to music in an anechoic chamber, void of all reflection, is not a realistic or pleasant experience. We need the anechoic chamber to be sure our family of curves is delivering the original recording just as it is into your room. Turning your room into a quasi anechoic chamber or trying to artificially create flat in-room curves measured in one or a few seating positions is playing with fire.