Posted by: bigwill2

hifiguy53 - 07/30/05 03:40 PM

I enjoyed your PM from 7-12 very much. The F-word is rarely used more effectively than in your communique. Regardless, it is nice to know that I have reached out and touched someone so deeply.
Unfortunately, your imperative, "Give it a rest," lacks specificity. From what, exactly, would you like me to desist?
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/30/05 03:54 PM

Maybe he meant to send it to someone else? I've done that before. Luckily, it wasn't a mean PM, though.

So, what did it say???
Posted by: AshBoomstick

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/30/05 05:59 PM

yeah really, you've piqued my curiousity. you can't dangle the tease like that and not deliver!
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/30/05 08:06 PM

He doesn't know who he is messing with BigWill

ps: hey by the way big guy, do you have the title track to that CD mix you sent me....I know your a busy guy no hurry
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Re: hifiguy53 - 07/30/05 10:28 PM

Here it is:

"[censored] You

From: hifiguy53
Received: 07/12/05 10:05 PM
Give it a rest, [censored]."

Again, not sure what statement(s) he's referring to.

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Re: hifiguy53 - 07/30/05 10:37 PM

Here it is sirquack:

1. Jeff Beck “Roy’s Toy” from You Had it Coming
2. Arturo Sandoval “I Can’t Get Started” from Trumpet Evolution
3. Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler “There’ll Be Some Changes Made (revised)” from Neck & Neck
4. David Sanborn “Relativity” from Songs From the Night Before
5. The Skatalites “Rock Fort Rock” from Ball of Fire
6. Melvin Taylor “Telephone Song” from Dirty Pool
7. Bach “BWV ?” from The Complete Harpsichord Concertos (?)
8. Shaggy “Hot Shot” from Hotshot
9. Tribal Tech “Uh…Yeah OK” from Face First
10. Pat Martino & Les Paul “I’m Confessin’ That I love You” from All Sides Now
11. J.J. Cale “Cajun Moon” from Greatest Hits
12. Devil in a Woodpile “Whistle Gait” from Devil in a Woodpile
13. B.B. King “Just Like a Woman” from Let the Good Times Roll
14. Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown “Toughen Up” from Gate Swings
15. John Lee Hooker w/ Johnny Winter “Susan” from Mr. Lucky
16. Joe Satriani “Oriental Melody” from Strange Beautiful Music
17. Eek-A-Mouse “What Me Ago Do” from Eek-A-Nomics
18. Long Beach Dub All-Stars “Life Goes On” from Wonders of the World

I believe the disc you have has track 4 removed.
Posted by: AshBoomstick

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/31/05 11:27 AM

bigwill, do you happen to have any extra copies laying around you need to get rid of?
Posted by: RickF

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/31/05 11:33 AM

Bear with me Big...I'll get you a cd made up one of these days. Work has been interupting a huge part of my time as of late!
Posted by: Wid

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/31/05 02:20 PM

That's no excuse
Posted by: bigwill2

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/31/05 02:30 PM

As luck would have it, I have one CD left. PM your info to me and I'll have it in the mail tomorrow.
Posted by: AshBoomstick

Re: hifiguy53 - 07/31/05 11:02 PM

PM's in the mail, so to speak...