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#120502 - 12/15/05 09:51 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
SirClyde Offline

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Randy where do you now have the volume control set to on the sub?
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#120503 - 12/15/05 09:52 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
Sutter Cane Offline

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Haha, heck that word brought back some memories of the 1980's. lol


#120504 - 12/15/05 11:32 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
SirQuack Offline
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Hey Sirclyde, I'm still experimenting a little, however the Axiom handout that came with the 500 says to put it "Midway to 9 o'clock" position for starters. That sentence is misleading, I originally took it to say that 9 o'clock is the miday position, which it is halfway of max. After talking to Tharkun and Ajax, they say your supposed to start around 4-5 o'clock which would technically be about the midway point of 9 o'clock.

Anyway, you really need to run the pink noise test and set all your speakers to 75dB's for starters using the receivers level adjustments. The first time I did this when having the sub at 9 o'clock, the receiver had to be at -10dB to achieve 75dB on the meter. I thought that was interesting as my 350 sub was more like 0dB with the volume knob at 12 o'clock.

Then I tried it again and turned the 500 volume down to about 6 o'clock and reran my pink noise test to set all speakers to 75dB. This time the sub on the receiver was more like -2dB to achieve the 75dB reading. Alan at Axiom has always said to leave the receiver setting at 0dB and adjust the volume knob on the sub until your at the appropriate reading.

Now this does not say you can't crank it up a bit higher, it is just a starting point to get all your speakers calibrated correctly, then you can go from there. Also, I always bump up my center a few notches from what the meter says to hear the voices better.

Also on the 500 you have the trim setting. Flat is for very large rooms. For medium I think the handout says to use half or cut modes, you may want to experiment. Then you have phase, this one most people can't tell any difference. Pick the setting that gives you the best and full sounding bass signals.

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#120505 - 12/16/05 01:50 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
GregBe Offline

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I would use the sub/mains combo with the tones. Also, 1hz increments is a little overkill for the average person in my opinion. You will drive yourself nuts with that many tones. Check out the website. You will get a lot of advice on how to do the readings and on which hz increments to use.

#120506 - 12/16/05 04:59 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
BruceH Offline

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In reply to:

from the time I get home from work, feed the kids, read/homework with the kids, put them to bed.....yada yada yada....then it is to late to really crank it up.

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#120507 - 12/19/05 06:51 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
SirQuack Offline
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Hi everyone, I hope to provide an update very soon WITH pictures. I can't come up with any words as to the adventure your about to experience. I will say this much Axiom Customer Service is first rate.
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#120508 - 12/19/05 10:11 PM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
dllewel Offline

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Looking forward to it.

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#120509 - 12/20/05 12:35 AM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
SirQuack Offline
shareholder in the making

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*Disclaimer* The following photos are NOT being provided as evidence to show that Axiom Audio is in any way, shape, or form, to blame for my current mental state. In fact, I am 190% crazy with the support and customer service I have received from Amie, Ian, Tom, and Noreen. They have maintained a superior level of customer service during this time of need, and for that I am forever grateful. Axiom Audio is the utopia of speaker manufacturing and customer service.

Now, for the FedEx idiot that dropped and ran over my new 500 amp that was shipped Friday in a crate, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are supposed to love our neighbors and forgive dumb a$$ people that smash our belongings. Whoever that redneck is from Memphis, I hope your monitoring this post.

Ok, wow, I feel better. So here it goes. As you know I discovered a strange noise that happened occasionaly during certain low bass notes of a song. At first I just assumed it was something in my room rattling. However, once I turned off the A channel on my remote and only listened to the sub perform, it was obvious it was coming from the sub.

So, after visiting with Amie, who visited with Ian and Tom and others, I started my troubleshooting. Keep in mind, Axiom was ready to ship me a new 500 whenever I gave the word, however I was willing to try to diagnose/resolve the problem. Below are the steps I took:

1) Checked all of the fasteners on the driver, amp, and port to make sure they were all tight. All seemed just fine, however, I went ahead and gave them all about a 1/4" turn to be sure. This did not resolve the problem.

2) Removed the driver to make sure all looked good on the inside. At first glance I noticed the speaker cable from the amp to the driver was about 2ft long, and was hanging down a bit, and possibly resting on the top of the bass port. I took a small piece of electrical tape and secured it, making it slightly shorter. I also noticed the negative (black) wire post on the back of the amp was a little loose. The wire itself was tight, but the male post that was coming from inside the amp was a little loose, so I also secured that with some electrical tape to rule that out. I placed the driver back in position and tested for the noise again. Sorry to say, these few steps did not resolve the problem either.

3) Again, I played some various CD's with low bass, and I noticed when I crawled around the back of the 500, it seemed the noise was louder near the back by the amp plate. I could push with my fingers on the "CE" logo, and the noise would get a little louder. After talking to Amie, who discussed the issue over a nice dinner with Ian one evening, Ian said it might be possible that some air is escaping around the amp plate. This can happen if a small amount of sawdust or small chips of MDF from the manufacturing process get trapped between the routed edges and the plate when tightened. So the next night I removed the Amp and the Driver, just to make sure I didn't overlook anything. It all looked very clean and there was no evidence of any sawdust or other debris. This does not suprise me, as Axiom has great CNC equipment, with top quality dust extraction systems in place.

4) After spending a few evenings last week working on the above 3 steps, I could see I was not resolving the vibration/rattle. So I called good ole Amie and told her I was sorry that I was unable to pinpoint the source of the noise. Axiom was now convinced it had to be something from within the amp. These amps are built like tanks, and it is very rare that this type of issue would arrise. The fasteners on the amp plate are a star shape with a center post, I think they are called Torx? I did not have these screwdrivers/bits in my arsenal.

Anyway, Friday Axiom sent me out a new amp for my 500. Since we were pretty sure it was coming from within the amp, it made more sense to send a replacement amp instead of an entire new sub. I was very excited.

Like my other speakers, I had Axiom mark the shipment "HOLD for Customer Pickup". My work is only a few blocks from Fed Ex, and it is very convenient to just drop by on the way home. Today when I checked the tracking number online, I was very suprised to see it showed "Out for Delivery". I called Axiom, and they confirmed that they did in fact place the HOLD stickers on the exterior, so they called Fed Ex and had the package returned for pickup.

Here is where the story takes a terrible Twist. You guys thought "American Beauty" was full of twists, I don't think so...

Ok, first of all I would like to show you what the wooden crate was supposed to look like when I picked it up. Thanks Tharkun for showing me this after the fact. I just assumed it would be in a cardboard double boxed package like their speakers are shipped.

I like your cat Dennis!

This is what my package looked like when I picked it up from FedEx on the way home. I guess I should have questioned why there was a board taped to the top with the shipping label?

When I opened the box I was at a loss for words.

With closer examination, I realized this was not an early April fools joke. The pieces of MDF that were supposed to be protecting the amp, were all just thrown in the box, and the amp was not pretty. ;(

Here is a closer look at the 500 amp, you can see the crack in the plastic body. Also, notice the packing list on the left board that was thrown in this box, hmmmm something is starting to smell fishy about all of this...

Here is a picture will all of the contents layed out on the floor. Every piece of MDF that used to be the crate was seperated.

The next two pictures show one of the corners of the amp was bent. This baaaaby really went for a ride somewhere.

This picture really makes me sad.

After talking with Dennis tonight (Tharkun), it is my best guess the crate was dropped and then ran over during shipment. The person or persons at FedEx that I mentioned at the top of my post, then placed everything in a box, taped the piece of the crate that had the shipping info on it to the top, and sent it on it's [r] Merry Christmas[/r] way. The reason I think this happened in the Memphis Hub, is because the unmarked box has a mfg stamp from some company in Memphis, TN..

In summary, I've talked with Amie this evening and she is already working on a resolution. I understand this is a very busy time for Axiom and they are trying to make a lot of you Newbies happy before Xmas. Since I do have a working 500, it is not a big deal if we wait until things calm down a bit. I'm sure FedEx is just as busy and these things happen.

Hope you enjoyed my little story, and I'm sure things like this won't happen to you, but they always seem to happen to me.

PS: Jack, since both of our 500's went out about the same time, I really think you have my Amp and I have yours, please verify your S/N#. Maybe some day I'll be able to provide a picture of me lifting my leg.....................

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#120510 - 12/20/05 12:46 AM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
St_PatGuy Offline

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Geez, Randy, I don't know what to say. . .

Maybe the Fedex guys thought you wouldn't notice the giant crack, the bent eges, the "extra" pieces of the shipping crate, the road grit. . .

I mean, c'mon, you really have to get close to notice these things. Like with a magnifying glass, or the Hubble Telescope.

Okay, my sarcasm is probably not helping.

Randy, I sincerely hope this mess gets straightened out. I'm sure it will, but looking at those pictures makes me want to cry for you.
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#120511 - 12/20/05 12:52 AM Re: Ideas on the noise I'm hearing from my new 500
chesseroo Offline

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A rare occurrence SQ for sure.
A poster here, hasn't posted in awhile (jbzngowest) works as some mid-southern manager for Fedex. They take these kinds of mishaps quite seriously.
File a formal complaint.
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