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#122714 - 01/04/06 04:48 PM Re: Small system, newbie queries regarding subwoof
bridgman Offline

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Good questions. re: 1), 2), 3) - yes, yes, yes

>If I was to carry out all of the above, am I right in saying that the LFE channel will be sent to the subwoofer? (Due to the fact that I didn't set the LFE to BOTH on my receiver) And will this be the ENTIRE LFE channel? i.e. NOT just LFE signals below 80Hz?

Depending on the receiver, it could be all LFE or just LFE below 80 Hz. If the latter, you want to think about 100 Hz crossover. Will look through the earlier posts to see what receiver you have.

>>Also, should there be any sounds lower than 80hz on the front L and R channels, these would be sent to the subwoofer along with the LFE channel?

Yes. Same for sounds below 80 Hz on surround channels.

>>Also, if there is no LFE channel present, i.e. if I'm listening to music, am I right in saying that only a small amount of bass will be taken from the M3's and directed to the subwoofer?

Just bass below 80 Hz (actually a bit above 80 because the crossovers roll off smoothly, they're not a sharp cut).

>>And most of this bass would not have been audible through the M3's anyway?

Right, but it WOULD be audible through the subwoofer, which is the benefit of running this way

>>If all my assumptions here are correct, wouldn't a crossover of the 60Hz lowest capability of the M3's be more suitable for my listening? (The idea of too much bass being separated to just one part of the room is off-putting)

Two points here. One is that most people recommend that you cross over a bit above the -3dB point of your speakers for smoothest response, ie if you cross over at 60 you're going to get a bit of a hole because the M3s are also starting to roll off at 60 and the rolloff is cumulative. Second point is that most people can't localize bass below 80-100 Hz anyways, so you don't actually notice the bass all coming from one point. You have to hear it to believe it.

>>I should receive a more 'full' sound without it being overpowering, and I should be able to take advantage of the full LFE (Entirely from the subwoofer, no LFE at all from the L and R channels)?

Problem is that many movies don't even use the LFE channel but just stuff all the bass effects into front L and R. Life sucks, huh ?

>>In simple terms, the subwoofer would be used more heavily for movies than with music listening, without having to modify any settings between listening to the various types?

Yep, this is the holy grail. Because of the previous point it isn't as easy as it sounds. Most people deal with this by either having their receivers auto-switch to a different bass management setup for music vs. movies (eg. stereo input vs. 5.1 input) or by giving up and accepting that music sounds pretty near as good with the bass crossover and subwoofer in circuit. If you have a real good sub you find that you don't need to pump the subwoofer level up for good movie results and so you don't need to turn the subwoofer down for music

>>As for the VP100, it is mounted higher than the other speakers, so increasing the volume of than channel has appeared to help as it is the furthest away from the listening position.

Turning up the level will help but it's worth playing with position and direction as well. In particular, make sure the front of the speaker is flush with or in front of the TV or shelf. Speakers will sound boxy if the fronts are behind the edge of a shelf.

>>I have also noticed that Dolby Digital soundtracks do not seem to have the same clarity as DTS through the VP-100. Whether this is common or not I'm not sure.

DTS soundtracks are sometimes a bit louder than DD tracks, and our ears seem to interpret this as being clearer and sounding better.

Again, good questions.
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#122715 - 01/04/06 10:46 PM Re: Small system, newbie queries regarding subwoof
JohnK Offline
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Rodge, in addition to John B's reply I'll point out in answer to 2)that the sub crossover would be set to the maximum to get it out of the way of the crossover that the receiver was doing except if the sub had a separate input or switch which completely bypassed its internal crossover, making the setting irrelevant.

When the receiver crossover is set to 80Hz, both the LFE(if any)and bass redirected from the speakers set "small" is sharply rolled off above 80Hz. Although the special effects in LFE can theoretically extend to 120Hz, in practice essentially nothing is present above 80Hz, so that crossover is fine. Note that the low bass is actually extracted from the CDs, DVDs or other program material, not the speakers themselves, so the bass is sent to the sub regardless of the low bass capabilities of the speakers involved.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#122716 - 01/06/06 08:26 AM Re: Small system, newbie queries regarding subwoof
mr_rodge Offline
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OK I think that covers just about all of my queries. Now I'm just wondering if anyone has a particular subwoofer to recommend?

I like the idea of having a complete axiom set, however I have taken a look at Hsu and SVS subs and they do seem to be highly rated. Does anyone have any comments on these subs? Also, I'm having trouble finding UK dealers for these subs. Any links would be much appreciated.

Again, thanks for the help, these message boards are indeed invaluable.

#122717 - 01/06/06 02:21 PM Re: Small system, newbie queries regarding subwoof
KC23 Offline

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SVS lower end sub

Best bag for the buck on the lower end subs a lot of people point to this one.

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#122718 - 01/07/06 02:06 AM Re: Small system, newbie queries regarding subwoof
AdamP88 Offline

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I can heartily recommend the SVS PB10. It might be low end for SVS, but it is one helluva sub for the money. Ken's first words upon walking in were "I can tell something substantial is here." It's performance is really amazing, especially given the price. Strong to 20hz (to 18 in my room), authoritative and effortless deep bass in movies and fast, tight response to music.

Now I really want to hear a Hsu STF-2 to see how it compares - cause I can't imagine bass getting any better at this price point.

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