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#127118 - 02/06/06 02:58 PM Will Prologue 2 Sound Good With Axiom M80Tis?
LeroyC33 Offline

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Hello, everyone. I am building a small budget system, and currently have a pair of Axiom M80Tis. Their sensitivity is 91dB and their impedance is 4 Ohms. I am looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 dollar price range--either solid state or tube--and I have been considering the Primaluna Prologue 2 integrated amp. But I am not sure if my speakers are built for tube components, and will sound well with them. And I know that certain speakers sound better with tube components and certain speakers sound better with solid state components. And that you have to pick the type of amp that your speaker sounds best with if you want the music to sound its best. Does anyone know whether the Axiom M80Tis will sound well with the PrimaLuna 2 tube integrated amp? Does anyone have any experience with two these components used together? Do you think that the Axiom M80Tis will sound good with tube components? Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who reply.

#127119 - 02/06/06 08:38 PM Re: Will Prologue 2 Sound Good With Axiom M80Tis?
Haoleb Offline

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While i cant tell you weither the speakers will sound good with that particular amp, I have used my M80's with a tube preamp and solidstate power amp with good results.
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#127120 - 02/08/06 04:51 PM Re: Will Prologue 2 Sound Good With Axiom M80Tis?
davkle Offline

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I am using a Cayin TA-30 (30 watts per channel) with unbeleivable results with my Axiom 3ti's!!!! I had been borrowing a freinds new NAD amp for a few days prior to the Cayins arrival ($400 on Audiogon) and the Cayin (to my ears) sounds MUCH better. The Cayin and Prologue are mfgred by the same OEM in China and while the Prologue has some design changes (enhancements) you'd be hard pressed to find two different brands of amps that sound as similiar. The one difference you may have is the 4 ohm M80's vs my 3tis 8ohms. Some have said Axioms db ratings are a bit generous (I am not sure). Furthermore I dont know if that is a stable load of 4ohms or if there are dips. With my 3tis the 30 watt Cayin has tons of reserves and powers my monitors VERY easily with beautiful sound. Thats why I prefer mating a high quality tube amp with efficient monitors augmented by a powered sub (such a HSU research). The M80's are great speakers and the Prologues are super high quality giant killer amps might want to provide the Axiom specs to the Prologue importer for advice or vice versa with Axiom tech support. Good luck.

#127121 - 02/08/06 05:09 PM Re: Will Prologue 2 Sound Good With Axiom M80Tis?
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