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#142912 - 06/30/06 10:00 PM M60 vs. M22 on low to medium volumes?
Zer0beaT Offline

Registered: 07/30/05
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Loc: Oshawa
I'm getting ready to order M60's for my system. Currently I have M22 as mains, and the VP100 in center, and due to me being a poor 20 something, my Dad's old Dynaco A20's or something in the rear position.

So since I'm dealing with an incomplete speaker setup, I obviously need to buy another set of Axioms and I'm planning on moving the M22's to the rear and ordering M60's for the front.

What I'm wondering is how these two speakers compare for medium and sometimes low volume listening levels. I generally watch my movies late at night when everyone has gone to bed, and I can get away with a pretty good volume because my system is in my basement, but I can rarely give a good fullish output to the speakers.

So I'm wondering if the M60's would do aswell filling out the room (maybe 15'x14') on a lower side of medium volume.

I'm using only a Yamaha RXV757 btw.

The reason I decided on the M60 versus another pair of M22s is the fact that I would also need to buy stands for the M22's bringing their price only a couple hundred less than the M60, and music is much more important than movies to me as far as sound reproduction goes. And I'd love to have a nice pair of my own floor standers

So, people who own the m60 do they work well at low volumes?

#142913 - 06/30/06 10:47 PM Re: M60 vs. M22 on low to medium volumes? [Re: Zer0beaT]
SirQuack Offline
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Hey Tim,

I think you would be fine. Right now while I type on my 130" diag. screen I'm listening to some music on my m60's at a very low level, not to wake up my 1.5yr old right above me upstairs. We also watch tons of movies late at night. Keep in mind, the dialog (voices) during movies come from the center channel, so that will not change for you. The mains are there to help with the rest of the experience, like explosions. My room is huge, and at lower volumes the m60's do very well. I would think they will do as good or better than your 22's.

good luck man.
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#142914 - 07/01/06 02:57 AM Re: M60 vs. M22 on low to medium volumes? [Re: SirQuack]
Seattlelite Offline
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I agree with Randy. The dialog will come mostly from the center speaker so that wouldn't change. You can always use the night mode in your receiver to get clearer dialog in lower volume. As for music, the M60s are simply amazing, even at lower volume. For movies, they are awesome as well. Before getting the M60s, I used my system almost entirely for movies. Now that I got M60s, I find myself actually listening to CDs 30% of the time. My room size is 16'x13', almost the same as yours.

Personally, I think these speakers are as good if not better than Martin Logan Mosaic (US$2000 MSRP).

#142915 - 07/01/06 02:59 AM Re: M60 vs. M22 on low to medium volumes? [Re: Seattlelite]
Seattlelite Offline
old hand

Registered: 04/15/06
Posts: 65
Loc: Jakarta, Indonesia
Correction, I think the M60s are way better than Martin Logan Mosaic.

#142916 - 07/01/06 09:35 AM Re: M60 vs. M22 on low to medium volumes? [Re: Seattlelite]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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I think my very first post here was along the same lines: Can the M60s sound good at lower power levels since I'm in a smallish room, or do they like to be played loud? (My previous set of speakers, for some reason, never sounded good at low levels, but sounded better at mid-to-high levels).

I'm happy to report that the M60s sound great at ANY volume... they are very linear in that respect as they should be!
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#142917 - 07/08/06 12:32 AM Re: M60 vs. M22 on low to medium volumes? [Re: Zer0beaT]
sssutherland Offline

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I went from 22's to 60's and moved my 22's to the rear just like you are planning. My decision was based on room size (large with vaulted ceilings and open to other rooms). The 22's sounded great but lacked a bit in the upper bass even when accompanied with a sub. The 60's were a dramatic improvement to my ears both playing with and without a sub. I would be suprised if you were not very pleased with the improvement in sound. And yes they are still amazing at low volumes.

I have come to appreciate this low volume thing since my son was born just 6 months ago and waking him up from a nap would more than put me in the doghouse!
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