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#149005 - 10/09/06 04:30 PM HDTV Scroll
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I've been a proud and happy Axiom owner for several years but I have one "issue" that I need your help with. Why can't I view the scroll along the bottom of the screen while I'm watching a HD channel.When I'm watching a football game I cant see the others scores that scroll by on the bottom of the screen.It's down there but the picture dimensions aren't quite right or something. Anyone else have this happen?
Thanks guys, your the best!
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#149006 - 10/09/06 04:38 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: divot]
SirQuack Offline
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My guess is you have your aspect ratio on your tv set to something other than 16:9. My dad has a Hitachi plasma 16:9 television above his fireplace mantel. Many of the channels on cable are not in 16:9 format, but standard 4:3. So he gets black bars on the sides, he does not like that...So he uses some weird setting called 4:3 zoom or something like that which gives him the same thing you describe along the bottom of the screen. If he cycles through the various aspect ratios on the remote control and selects 16:9 standard it looks fine.
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#149007 - 10/09/06 05:19 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: SirQuack]
nickbuol Offline

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I agree. It sounds like a setting on the TV that is zooming in on a 4:3 ratio image to fill the width of the 16:9 screen. Instead of just stretching the width (and making everyone look "fat") it is magnifying the image and the top and bottom actually end up outside of the screen area like you are describing.
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#149008 - 10/09/06 05:53 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: nickbuol]
mrnomas Offline
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Try a stretch setting instead of a zoom setting. It makes everyone look a little fat but at least you can see everything.
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#149009 - 10/09/06 06:43 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: divot]
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What make and model TV do you have? There is another thing called "overscan." Most all sets cut off a small percentage of the picture on all 4 sides to avoid video "noise" which can be present along the edges of the picture. Between 2 and 4% overscan is considered normal. If you have DVE or Avia, they have patterns that show how much overscan your TV has.

But, sometimes the overscan is excessive and cuts of important information. This can particularly be noticed if stations have a crawl or logo positioned very close to the bottom or side of the picture. If you're not using a zoomed setting on your TV, then it's possible your TV has excessive overscan. I believe this can be corrected to some degree by a technician or ISF calibrator who can access the service menu of your TV. Accessing the service menu should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Real damage can be done in the service menu.

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#149010 - 10/09/06 06:44 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: divot]
oldskoolboarder Offline

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Could also be due to overscan. I suggest calibrating your display with a DVD like Avia or DVE. You can find them on Amazon. You need to calibrate for each input on your diplay: composite, component, svid, DVI and/or HDMI. Granted you need an HDMI/DVI DVD player to handle those.

After calibrating w/ the DVD, you can run this method called "steaming rat", which IMHO, gets you even better results than the DVD alone.

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#149011 - 10/09/06 06:47 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: mrnomas]
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Or you could just (gasp) live with the black bars and view things at the intended aspect ratio.
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#149012 - 10/10/06 01:18 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: mrnomas]
BrenR Offline

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Try a stretch setting instead of a zoom setting. It makes everyone look a little fat but at least you can see everything.

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#149013 - 10/10/06 03:16 PM Re: HDTV Scroll [Re: mrnomas]
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Ummm. How did that kid get his leg in the subwoofer???
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