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#149962 - 10/26/06 10:14 AM Re: Will M80s fill the sub 'gap'? [Re: KenOntko]
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After all that, the answer, to my ears, was very simple.

Change the front speakers to 'large' but leave it on LFE (not LFE+main). I'm still subjectively listening to the xo at 60 and 80 to see what I like best - but there's a huge change. Stunning, really. I feel good!

Just so I understand your situation... I've got the 3805, and according to the manual, setting the front speakers to large and subwoofer mode to LFE (only) will result in the sub functioning only during Dolby Digtal or DTS signal playback.
Since your issue was with music playback, is your sub now playing with those settings when playing music?
This is assuming, of course, that I understand the manual in this regard... which would be an accomplishment!
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#149963 - 10/26/06 11:50 PM Re: Will M80s fill the sub 'gap'? [Re: Spoiler]
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Well, I can't pretend to explain it because I read the manual the same way. But the sub is still very active when I set the 3805 to "direct" or "pure direct" (which is stereo 2 channel - or more correctly 2.1 channel). Still sounds pretty good to me ! We read the manual the same way - but maybe it lies. The sub still gets a LFE signal with my setting (fronts to "large" and sub mode to "LFE").

#149964 - 10/26/06 11:59 PM Re: Will M80s fill the sub 'gap'? [Re: KenOntko]
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This is my understanding and how it works on my 2805.

For HT/Movies - If you have your mains set to large and your sub to LFE and a crossover of 80hz. Any freq's below 80hz on your center channel and surrounds will be directed to the sub. Anything below 80hz directed to the mains will stay with the mains, so you will be losing a lot by not directing some of that to the sub, which is its purpose. LFE+Main is different, then the LFE from the left/right mains is directed to both sub and mains. This can be good and bad, as you really should let your sub do its purpose, LFE.

Music - is different. In Stereo, Direct, or Pure Direct your sub should play any low music unless you have Sub = No set in the receiver.
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#149965 - 11/27/06 12:23 AM Re: Will M80s fill the sub 'gap'? [Re: Spoiler]
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Ahhh. Remember this poor thread.

So after setting the speakers to "large" I was quite happy. But being afflicted with bad upgraditis I was planning to get a pair of M80s anyhow and even though Alan (thanks! ) told me the Denon 3805 would drive them very nicely I sort of kept my eye opened for a decent 2-channel amp for them.

As fate would have it I managed to pick up a NAD C272 for a very good price ($500) and while waiting (and dithering on ordering) on M80s I hooked up the amp to my current NHT SB3s.

So... THAT's where the bass and smoothness went. Hawly smoot! I had no idea a separate amp could make so much difference. I had no idea the Denon was so lacking (it isn't really, just doesn't do the same things as the NAD I guess). Wow.

I'm sure other amps do the same good job as the NAD but for those who haven't tried and are working solely with an AVR - however good - I have to say it's a real eye-opener.

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