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#164916 - 04/13/07 04:57 PM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: BrenR]
LightninJoe Offline

Registered: 10/28/05
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Loc: Portland, OR
2 things you have to learn for yourself about raccoons:

1) They can get yooooge! Like furry weather balloon huge.

2) They love cat food. Any food really, but they can smell cat food from, well, we are a mile from the nearest water supply/likely habitat.

Bonus: Glancing out the window and seeing a raccon larger than your largest dog (not longer but WAY fatter/rounder)can induce puckering at both ends of the alimentary canal.
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#164917 - 04/13/07 10:36 PM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: LightninJoe]
JohnK Offline
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Shot a couple of 'coons off the roof(possibly making entry plans)in the past few years, using my smallest gun(.32 Beretta). Let the remains, well, remain for a couple days on the ground where they tumbled, as a warning. Not much of a problem.

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#164918 - 04/13/07 10:46 PM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: JohnK]
LT61 Offline

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Loc: Illinois.

Gulp! I REALLY wish I hadn't made fun of your speaker wires.

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#164919 - 04/13/07 11:21 PM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: LT61]
duckman Offline

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Loc: kansas
We've had woodchucks on three (3) occasions. The first time was pretty cool.They were in an unused part of the yard and we would watch them from the dining room window, cute little bastards would stick their heads out of these 3-4 ft mounds of dirt.
I looked out there one afternoon and the neighbors german sheperd had one cornered. The little guy had went through the fence but didn't equate the other side of said fence with safety. That woodchuck held off that dog, (those things have some serious claws ) for a long time. I went out there and this woodchuck was panting and wheezing, about to keel over . I try to stay out of animal affairs (kind of a prime directive thing),but I felt so sorry for mr woodchuck that i shooed the dog away. The dog lost interest and wandered off, the woodchuck just collapsed right there. That was it for the woodchucks at that house, they just left- never saw one again. Had to till the area to get rid of the mounds and tunnels.
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#164920 - 04/14/07 02:08 AM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: duckman]
BrenR Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
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Loc: Winnipeg MB Canada
Duckman - do not read, or anyone concerned for the safety of destructive wildlife.

My woodchuck story happened at the farm, one of the guys' brothers-in-law parked his newish Grand Am out there for a month while he went out of province on business. A woodchuck got up inside the hood and ate one of the wiring harnesses, so we repaired it, and just as we were getting done, the dog moseyed over and started barking her head off... we'd missed the fact the woodchuck was still IN the engine compartment. Get out a big steel rod, poke it, it hits the ground, dog scares it... it jumps back up into the engine compartment again... yell at the dog... poke the woodchuck again, again it comes out, sees the dog, jumps back up... after 3 of us looking like complete idiots for 30 minutes repeating this... it gets caught, head between the engine and crossmember... body underneath - head stuck against the engine, this sucker is STUCK.

A few good strong pokes at it... and a few swipes at the body underneath with a shovel... it is NOT budging. We all look at each other with that "alright... now what?"

The sick looks on everyone's faces as I take the keys, start the car up and drive it up and down the gravel road a few times were priceless.

Nearly as good as it'll be some day when a mechanic drops the crossmember and a small animal skull drops on the floor.

Bren R.

#164921 - 04/14/07 02:29 AM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: LT61]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10623
Larry, as long as you don't go screwing around on my roof you got nothing to worry about.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#164922 - 04/15/07 02:09 AM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: BrenR]
PaulM Offline

Registered: 03/12/05
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Loc: St. Albert, Alberta
When I was a kid in Toronto my Mom just about having heart failure one day when she walked into the basement sewing room and discovered a racoon sitting there under the table. Boy did she scream. At first we couldn't figure out how it got in there till I noticed sooty foot prints leading from the basement fireplace. We were surprised it came in that way as the chimney was 3 stories in height.

About a year or so later my sisters and I heard scratching in the mainfloor chimney. It sounds like birds or something small. The girls wouldn't go near it so I reach up and open the flew and out drops 3 or 4 baby racoons just born with no fur.

About that time my Dad figured it be best to install some chimney caps.

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#164923 - 04/15/07 01:13 PM Re: You can't make this s*** up! [Re: JohnK]
bridgman Offline

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Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
>>Let the remains, well, remain for a couple days on the ground where they tumbled, as a warning.

I used to get called in for "bird control" whenever the crows started eating too much from the cherry tree in my mother-in-law's back yard. We found that shooting one, spray-painting it orange, then hanging it in the tree seemed to do a good job of discouraging the other birds.

Before anyone asks, we're talking Toronto suburbs so all pest control was done with an airgun...

... although apparently there was some pest control excitement a few doors down from my old house before I lived there. The old guy at #12 was fighting a losing battle with racoons, so one day he went outside with his shotgun and let off a couple of shots at a racoon on the roof.

Five police cars came, arrested the old guy at gunpoint and confiscated all of his firearms. The neighbors fixed the roof while he was in jail. The racoon got away.

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