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#186685 - 12/04/07 10:50 PM M22 vs. M60 for movies only
pheare Offline

Registered: 12/04/07
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Loc: Calgary, Alberta
Hi all,

I appreciate the 2 speakers are quite different. I will only be using the speakers for movies and will have a good sub (EP500).

My room is smaller ~1600 cubic feet.

I have read great things about both speakers and honestly prefer the looks of the M22 on the FMS16 stands to the towers. But there in lies one of the issues: if I add the stands to the price of the M22s, I am only $144 (per speaker) shy of M60 - price is important, but not the main driver.

I guess really, I am looking for comments on whether in a room my size, with a good sub, and for movies/tv only, if you think there is much of a benefit in moving up to the M60s.


#186687 - 12/04/07 11:01 PM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: pheare]
JohnK Offline
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P, welcome. My situation is similar to what you describe, except that the vast majority of my use is for music. My view is that for that size of room the M22s plus a good sub such as the EP500 I use are ideal for movies as well. Note that you don't necessarily have to use the FMS16s; many have used lower cost options or constructed their own stands.

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#186694 - 12/05/07 07:27 AM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: JohnK]
Wid Offline

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#186701 - 12/05/07 10:08 AM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: Wid]
pheare Offline

Registered: 12/04/07
Posts: 35
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
Thanks for the responses so far. wid, thanks for the link - though by the time I pay for shipping, duty, and brokerage fees (I'm in Canada), I suspect I won't be too far ahead of the game. Especially if I order the axiom stands as part of a larger order and/or get them at Factory Outlet pricing.

Really, the few hundred dollar difference in price between the speakers isn't a deal breaker, but I'd rather not spend it if there isn't going to be a benefit given my room size and listening preferences.


#186702 - 12/05/07 10:11 AM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: pheare]
Hutzal Offline

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pheare, are you up for making your own stands? It takes about 1 hour for a pair, and end up costing around $50/pair, all the supplies can be found at home depot.

TNT-Stubby DIY Stand

I didn't fill my stands with sand just so you know. I also did a second pair for my father-in-law's home theatre for M22s as well, using pine as a base and top, it worked quite well!

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#186703 - 12/05/07 10:35 AM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: Hutzal]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Well, let me throw in my vote for the M60s.

They will allow you to cross over at 60Hz (or maybe even 40Hz) rather than the 80Hz (or sometimes higher) for the M22s. Although your sub will fill the gap either way, getting some bass from your Mains means that for a good part of the bass frequency range, you'll have three sources instead of just the one with the sub. Though the sub will already play louder than you'll ever want in your room, with three transducers you'll have a more even bass in the room.

If you ever get into some music listening down the road, many find the M60s by themselves better than a speaker/sub setup. Finally, you'll have better resale value and more flexibility down the road....
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#186704 - 12/05/07 10:37 AM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: Hutzal]
jakewash Offline
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Registered: 12/26/03
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Loc: Calgary, Alberta
As some one who has had M60s and M22 to directly compare I did prefer the M60s to the M22s but only when I was able to do the direct comparison during HT use. There is an obvious advantage to music going with the M60s, but as you state this is strictly for HT so the M22s will work extremely well and the difference is $288 for the set, almost $300 quite significant when looked at as a pair and not broken down into individual speakers.

Have you considered going with the Factory Outlet to help keep costs down?

Instead of stands, could you wall mount the M22s?


#186712 - 12/05/07 11:12 AM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: jakewash]
Joey Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/08/07
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I have to agree with MarkSJohnson on this one. My room is a little larger, about 1800 cu/Ft. I not only use M60's with an EP500, but I also use 4 QS8's AND a second DIY sub positioned behind my couch along the back wall.

At night when the wife is asleep I need to turn off the SUB's so that the house doesn't shake. But the M60's still put out enough bass to make whatever I am watching sound good. And as mentioned, you will probably listen to some music eventually either through cable, radio, or a concert DVD. Then you will appreciate having some lower end come out of the front's.
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#186723 - 12/05/07 12:11 PM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: Joey]
pheare Offline

Registered: 12/04/07
Posts: 35
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
Thanks for all the responses:

Hutzal, nice looking stands - while I could probably make my own, I'd just soon buy them. I really like the way the stands for the M22 connect directly to the speaker and make the base almost look like it has disappeared.

jakewash: Yes, I will most likely be using the factory outlet option whichever way I go. While I probably could wall mount, I don't see that happening - do the M22 have a port on the back of them?

It's not that I don't listen to music currently - my house is wired for sound, so music is almost always going. I know the quality of my in ceiling speakers (will also be putting some M3 v2's in another part of my basement) can't compare to the M60s, but I really will probably never listen to music via my home theater setup - if I do the odd time, I'd imagine the M22's would be such an improvement over my current setup 'music' setup, I'd be more than happy.

Anyways, good discussion, and is giving me things to consider. Keep it coming.


#186740 - 12/05/07 02:14 PM Re: M22 vs. M60 for movies only [Re: pheare]
PeterChenoweth Offline

Registered: 10/23/03
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Loc: Jacksonville, IL
For MOVIES, assuming you have a good sub, I don't believe there will be a lot of difference between M60's and M22's.

I say that, NOT owning M60's but owning M80's. My front stage used to be M22's and a VP150. Now it's M80's and a VP150 with the M22's acting as rears. For *movies*, there really isn't a whole lot of difference between M80's and M22's. Some, yes, but not a whole lot. The mains and rears just aren't used all that much in many movies. Certainly for effects and so forth, but the core experience of a movie is expressed by the center and sub channels, not the L/R nor rear channels.

Now if you don't have a good sub, and are counting on your mains to provide bass, then there will be a significant difference between M60's and M22's. But even in this case, I'd say stick with M22's and put your pennies into a good sub instead of the M60's. As I have learned from personal experience, there's just no substitute for a good sub. You're getting an EP500. That's not a good sub. That's a GREAT sub.

For MUSIC, however, there is a big difference between M80's and M22's. While I love my M22's for what they are, they are severely outgunned by the M80's in terms of musicality. I'm sure it's about the same for M60's.

So you will need to decide for yourself how important music is. If this system is truly just for movies, and that's all that will ever be asked from it, then I'd say M22's + a good sub is a fine choice. If you're ever going to just relax in the room and really listen to music, then I'd suggest M60's (or M80's, if you suffer from the 'what-ifs' as I do).

Oh, and yes, M22's have a rear port. If you're going to wall-mount them, make sure you get the proper equipment to do so. They are pretty heavy speakers to wall mount, IMHO. Look at the W22's if you're considering wall mounted speakers.
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