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#2088 - 03/18/02 11:51 AM Would a sub be too much for my system/room?
Partyka Offline

Registered: 02/17/02
Posts: 6
Loc: Scranton, PA, USA
Hi all,

I have a 10' x 13' listening room with a ceiling almost 7' high. So it's definitely small (but satisfying!)

OK, here's my system:

Rega Planar 3 turntable/RB300 tonearm
Dynavector 10x4 Mk II phono cartridge
Monolithic PS-1 phono preamp
TEAC 1160 CD player
Marantz 2230 receiver
Axiom M3Ti speakers on 24" stands

I listen to rock about 80 percent of the time, folk and jazz close to 20 percent, classical marginally.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of my system but sometimes catch myself wishing I could hear more extended bass. My question: In a dedicated room the size of mine, with my tastes and system, would a subwoofer like the EP125 provide too much of a good thing? Is it overkill? Would it be better to move up to a larger speaker?

Thanks for any and all responses.

#2089 - 03/18/02 12:42 PM Re: Would a sub be too much for my system/room?
ravi_singh Offline

Registered: 03/14/02
Posts: 1351
Loc: Montreal

currently, my room is 10 by 12, with 8 feet ceilings. I have a pair of M1's and an ep125 sub. The sub is definitely worth it. I thought the new nine inch nails live dvd was a bad recording until i had the ep125 playing it along with the M1's. I keep the volume at half and my parents never complain. If you listen to a lot of rock, jazz, blues, techno, and movies, then a sub is well worth your while. And the ep125 is so impressive. Extremely musical, detailed, and FAST!

#2090 - 03/18/02 04:06 PM Re: Would a sub be too much for my system/room?
BBIBH Offline

Registered: 01/10/02
Posts: 1260
Loc: Canada
Your system is well balanced, and I would suspect quite musical. In terms of speakers, either method would achieve greater bass.

However, your room size may indicate a better match for the addition of a sub. This combination would allow greater placement flexibility for the 3 speakers. Subs can be added to extend bass, and complete the sound of an already good sounding system - which I would say yours is. While I am not a big fan of outboard subs, there are some very good "bookshelf" sized speakers that can use the extra help to achieve deep accurate bass. That is what it sound like you want to achieve, and the speakers you have.

Let us know how it sounds!


#2091 - 03/19/02 08:45 PM Re: Would a sub be too much for my system/room?
duff Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/12/02
Posts: 71
Nice set up. I'm planning on upgrading my Bang & Olufsen turntable to a Rega 3. I'm also going to have to purchase a phono pre amp as well. I wanted to know how you liked the one you are using and if you've tried any others in the past.
my system is:
CAl dx-2 cd player
Audio Aero integrated amp
M22ti speakers
B&O turntable ( run through a sony receiver for phono amp)
Occasionally I bring in my cambridge soundworks p1000 subwoofer, from the livingroom and hook it up to this system I mentioned above. The sub adds quite a bit to the overall sound, and your room is similar in size to the one I have my system in.

#2092 - 03/19/02 09:04 PM Re: Would a sub be too much for my system/room?
Partyka Offline

Registered: 02/17/02
Posts: 6
Loc: Scranton, PA, USA

I'd love to comment with more authority on the Monolithic PS-1 phono preamp, but I've had it for just a few weeks, and it's my first outboard one. Previously I used the one integrated in my '70s-vintage Marantz receiver, and this is a big step up. I certainly don't find it lacking in anything.

Thanks for your input. And enjoy the Rega P3!


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