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#224042 - 10/05/08 11:29 PM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: CV]
jakewash Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 12/26/03
Posts: 10400
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
I'd love to be able to order up all the different brands of ID speakers and just listen and note the differences, unfortunately my wallet and my family wouldn't agree.


#224053 - 10/06/08 02:38 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: cgolf]
MCL Offline

Registered: 09/15/08
Posts: 42
Loc: Los Angeles, CA
 Originally Posted By: cgolf
M60s in front with a VP150 center and QS8s as surrounds. My sub is an HSU VTF3.

Hey that is exactly what I will end up with. I have the 150, 60s on the way. What do you think of it? I have an Onkyo 805 receiver powering it all.

#224062 - 10/06/08 09:06 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: MCL]
cgolf Offline

Registered: 03/14/05
Posts: 340
Loc: Cypress, Texas
I love the setup. It's fantastic and the Emotiva equipment meshes well with the Axiom speakers. However!!!???, like many others on this forum, I drool over the M80s and even have them on my wish list of components. May never get them but if and when I do get different speakers for the front, it will be M80s. Also, I don't think I'll ever go back to a receiver. I like having separates because it allows me the flexibility to continue upgrading the processor, if needed or desired. The amp doesn't need upgrading.

#224107 - 10/06/08 07:01 PM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: cgolf]
DaveG Offline

Registered: 11/26/07
Posts: 868
Loc: WI
MCL,Those are nice set of speakers, the 805 will provide all the power you require unless your room is extremely large and/or you listen at levels that cause hearing damage. Enjoy.

#224186 - 10/07/08 12:20 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: SatKartr]
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 16341
Loc: Leesburg, Virginia
I suspect a lot of people don't share because of the few who believe they know everything.

Just because someone disagrees with you and cites science to support their side of the argument doesn't mean they know everything. This bit of slander has been tossed about before. It displeases me.

Also, the fact that certain scientific hypotheses do not support your currently-held beliefs does not mean they are more likely to be overturned in the future than hypotheses that agree with your beliefs. There are still people who believe the Earth is flat. I, for one, have not seen the curvature of the Earth myself; however, I have seen sufficient evidence of it thanks to astronomers, physicists, (i.e. scientists), and photos taken by satellites and astronauts to take it as a fact.

It is important to want to experience as many things first-hand as you can. But when someone claims to be an expert (and has sufficient and verifiable credentials for that claim) and they present evidence that they arrived at via the scientific method in an area where I am unable to personally test the evidence under similar circumstances, I tend to give such evidence credence. It just so happens that the opinion us "know-it-alls" tend to put forward is supported by such evidence.

Science moves forward slowly, it is true. Hypotheses are constantly revised as new evidence comes in. If a hypothesis withstands many tests without needing to be revised, it becomes a theory -- like gravity and evolution. These were once hypotheses, just like the "audio component X make(s) no difference" is a hypothesis. Until proven otherwise by contradictory evidence gained under controlled circumstances -- any evidence presented anecdotally, as yours has been presented, is of no use -- the hypothesis stands as valid.
"Hello world." -- Every programmer, at one point or another.

#224203 - 10/07/08 01:24 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: SatKartr]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10473
Sat, you're attempting to make this far more complicated than it is; these things can either be heard or they can't. There's no solid evidence that they can be heard when subjected to properly controlled tests.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#224207 - 10/07/08 01:44 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: SatKartr]
Hutzal Offline

Registered: 07/26/06
Posts: 2102
Loc: Hollywood. (Canadian @ <3)
Where did the kindergarten teacher go?
Producer | Composer

#224208 - 10/07/08 01:44 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: SatKartr]
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 16341
Loc: Leesburg, Virginia
You all don't love Axioms because of brainwashing, they actually sound better, IMHO.

I agree that they sound better. There's a big reason for that. Axiom embraces the science of audio. Their speakers have been designed and refined through countless hours of measurement in anechoic chambers (at the NRC and now at their factory) and through blind listening tests. Thusly, both gadgets and human ears have been employed to great effect in their pursuit of the ideal of neutrality of reproduction.

You don't often get to reap the benefits of science in such a visceral way. \:\)

Oh, and queen? Please. There's no need to resort to archaic labels. I care little for rank. We try to treat each other with respect here, despite differences of opinion.

Edited by pmbuko (10/07/08 01:55 AM)
Edit Reason: speaking of oil...
"Hello world." -- Every programmer, at one point or another.

#224211 - 10/07/08 01:59 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: SatKartr]
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 16341
Loc: Leesburg, Virginia
With both amps driven within their limits? I'd say yes. Next time I'm in their company, I'll suggest such a test.

The fact is, they are in a business to sell products. They aren't going to tell you, explicitly, that all amps (that are flat from 20Hz to 20kHz) will sound the same when not clipping. The A1400-8 provides advantages outside of that, however.
"Hello world." -- Every programmer, at one point or another.

#224214 - 10/07/08 02:13 AM Re: Emotiva's New Pre/Pro [Re: SatKartr]
lucv13 Offline

Registered: 05/07/08
Posts: 103
Loc: London ON Canada
Well in my opinion -- hold on I don't have an opinion on this matter

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