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#23192 - 10/27/03 10:29 AM Re: Help me choose.....M22ti or M60ti (See room pic)
Mahesh Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/25/03
Posts: 64
Loc: Hong Kong, China
I have both - M22's and M60's.

M60's : Atleast 8 inches from back wall gives me good sound although I can live with 4-inches too. Definitely, definitely avoid the side wall. I felt the bass was too strong and kinda booming when the M60's were right up against one of the sidewalls.

I haven't really pushed my M60's that hard (volume wise). They sound as great as the M22's but with more bass. I am sure that in your room, you will be happier with the M60's especially if you like to listen at loudish levels.

My M22's are in the living room (30' L X 11' W X 10' H) and they can easily fill up those 3000+ cubic feet with great sound (receiver volume at 40%)!

M60's are in the bedroom (12' L X 11' W X 10' H).

My main seat when listening to the M60's (the bed) is a little bit on the high side (27"-28"). When I use a chair that is at 18"-19" (as a test near the bedside), I found the details to be even better. I am planning to raise the M60's off the floor a bit for this reason. I know some other people have had similar experience too. I think it maybe because I am seated very close to the speakers (9-feet).

Also both these speakers (I felt M60's are a slight bit more precise) really point out recording mistakes (level problems, abrupt transitions, background noise, etc).

On my previous speakers (Bose / Sony), I had never heard these details (irregularities) in the recordings (I have been listening to some of these songs for the last 12 years).

You may want to demo these before making the actual purchase. Look at the foll. link to see if anybody in your neighbourhood is willing to let you listen to any or both of these...

Good luck in your decision.

Cheers / Mahesh

#23193 - 10/27/03 01:16 PM Re: Help me choose.....M22ti or M60ti (See room pic)
spiffnme Offline

Registered: 04/01/03
Posts: 5219
Loc: Los Angeles
Just wondering why you have the m22's in the large room, and the M60's in the small room. ???

Have you tried switching them around?

"A nation cannot prosper long, when it favors only the prosperous." -President Barack Obama

#23194 - 10/27/03 07:53 PM Re: Help me choose.....M22ti or M60ti (See room pic)
Mahesh Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/25/03
Posts: 64
Loc: Hong Kong, China
Hi Craig,

Yes I have. And that was the original plan.

The M60's sound just as good in the living room too but they are simply too big and the folks at home (wife, daughter, mom - all in one voice) dont want any furniture re-arrangement.

Actually I am beginning to like my M60's in the bedroom setup. My eyes have gotten used to Beech color and now they really look much more attractive than when I got them out of their boxes back in early Sept.

Also I prefer the 2-channel / stereo for music playback and this works out perfectly. While the family is watching their daily soap operas in the living room (HT is off), I can still enjoy music on the M60's in my own bedroom.

Had the M60's been located in the living room, I would actually have less access to them as I can only play them a couple of times a week and at specific hours (to avoid disturbing others).

The main disadvantage of having the M60's in the bedroom is that I have to re-position them each time before listening since I have them tucked away in the corner (one is against the side wall and other is against a cabinet) when they are not being used.

Looks wise, I have to agree with my family. The smaller M22's look very good in my living room. The M60's do look a bit out of place in the bedroom but they do perform the task very well.

Cheers / Mahesh

#23195 - 11/25/03 07:01 PM Re: Help me choose.....M22ti or M60ti (See room pic)

I've noticed that several replies caition close placement especially Re: side walls, what problems are created if speakers are placed too close toside walls and what's the optimum distance? Re: Help me choose... room dimensions are similar to mine

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